Do consumers need a new web app icon?

As we are told we near the day when mobile data speeds begin to rival our home broadband performance, web apps become an increasingly viable option.

With some of the key players like Google, Apple and Adobe piling resources into the development of HTML5, the proliferation of web apps is hotly tipped to be one of the stories of 2012.

However, we’re still not yet in a world were a web app will generally perform with the same level of deeply integrated usability that a native app can offer users. So app...

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RIM partners with Telefonica in mobile wallet trial

A number of operators and manufacturers are beginning to flirt with mobile wallet systems that utilise Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, bringing electronic touch payments, already well established in Asia, to Europe and North America.

Adoption of the technology has been sluggish in the West as the industry has struggled to unravel the competing interests of the many different players involved in the market; though recently, some of the key players have begun to make strides into the...

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Apple beats Android in app revenue stakes

Despite Google Android currently being top in smartphone market shares, it’s been reported that Apple take in majority of the money spent on applications.

Apple’s iOS has pulled in 85-90% of gross revenue that is spent on mobile devices, whilst Android only took 7% of what the App Store took in since its launch.

Gene Munster from Piper Jaffrey said...

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Windows Phone Marketplace gets 40,000 apps, but still plays catch up

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace now holds over 40,000 apps, with many coming from different publishers, according to unofficial figures.

Research by the blog, All About Windows Phone, found that 165 items are added to the app store on average each day. Around 68% of submissions were free apps, with 23% being paid. Only 9% were paid apps but with a free trial.

It’s estimated that the

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Amazon could launch new smartphone next year

Amazon may launch a new smartphone by the end of next year, following its success with the Kindle E-reader and Kindle Fire tablet, according to reports.

Based on supply chain checks in Asia, research firm Citigroup found that Taipei-based company. Foxconn, which helped develop the iPhone for Apple, may be working with Amazon to help produce the device.

It’s believed that the smartphone will use Texas Instrument’s OMAP 4...

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Business apps to be adapted for tablets, as mobile use at workplace grows

Business apps for media tablets are moving towards supporting business initiatives rather than personal productivity.

According to research firm Gartner Inc, tablets are becoming more popular in business; enterprise software vendors want to sell tablet versions of its software, but will need to modify them in order to be more usable and functional on a mobile platform.

“Success lies in how the vendor re-factors the apps in a meaningful way, rather than just duplicating the traditional desktop or browser...

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Android grabs over half of smartphone market share

The massive variety of phones offering Google’s operating software, plus a huge increase in global smartphone sales, have contributed to more than half of new devices being sold running Android, according to new figures from research firm Gartner.

Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, was released last month, aiming to deliver a consistent user experience across the many types of handset currently running the Android software.

Android’s market share has more than doubled in the last year, with the...

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Is There An App For That?: 3D Video Camera

Nope, there is no actual 3D video camera app.  Whilst there is an app called '3D Camera' it just displaces the image slightly and applies an RGB light filter to the displaced layers creating that effect you get in 3D Movies, viewable with 3D specs.  One way to kill a bit of time with your 3D movie pals I guess but not for techno-hipster futurologists like me.  Oh no, when I say 3D I really mean 3D.

For example, take a photo and immediately render a perceptive perfect 3D...

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Who's set to benefit from TV apps?

While we haven’t really yet seen the TV Apps trend take off into the stratosphere like we’ve been expecting, there’s little doubt in the industry that when connected TV hits the mainstream, it’s going to usher in a seismic industry shakeup.

Apps Tech News caught up with a man who has a great insight into the TV app industry, Andy Eardley, director of the international TV app development specialist company, The TV App Agency. They specialise in cross platform software and app...

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Amazon buys its own Siri service

Amazon purchased new voice-recognition technology two months ago, according to a new filing from the SEC.

The startup, named Yap, offers voice-to-text transcription that was originally aimed at teenagers in 2007. It then expanded to voicemail services, which mysteriously shut down in October.

The document doesn’t state Amazon’s name, however Yap has recently joined a company called ‘Dion Acquisition Sub Inc’, which is based in Seattle at the same address...

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Press 'APP' For Customer Service












Image Credit: The Vinyl Anachronist

Unlike slow cafe service there are some deals we can't just get up and walk out on.  Everyone relates to the frustration of Interactive Voice...

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Amazon Kindle Fire gets 1000s more apps

Thousands more applications and games will be available to use on the Amazon Kindle Fire when it's launched next week.

People across the US will be able to access many Android apps, including Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and The Weather Channel, alongside games from Zynga, EA and Rovio.

Customers will also be offered a paid app for free every day. All apps downloaded from the Amazon

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New apps to aid Walmart's holiday shopping experience

Walmart Inc has released new mobile applications to help customers plan their weekly food shop and have a better and seamless shopping experience online.

The American retail giant has designed the apps for millions of customers, in order to give better access to its 3,800 US stores, and, through smartphones and media tablets.

The free iPhone and

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