38% of Mobile Consumers in US Own Smartphones – Nielsen

The US smartphone market is continuing to grow, states the latest survey from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen’s May survey, 38 percent of the mobile consumers in the US now own smartphones. 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months stated they had brought a smartphone instead of a feature phone; up from 34 percent a year ago.

Of the US smartphone market, 38...

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40% of European Smartphone Buyers Eyeing Up iPhone

40 percent of European smartphone buyers intend on purchasing an iPhone as their next device according to a preview of an upcoming report from the Yankee Group.

This compares to 19 percent for Android devices, 17 percent for BlackBerry devices and 15 percent for Nokia devices.

Declan Lonergan, Research VP at Yankee Group, comments on the findings:

These findings highlight the continued strength of Apple in the European smartphone market and, in particular,...

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A look at the drivers behind Gartner’s Mobile ad spend numbers

Gartner’s figures, released last week, estimate that global mobile advertising revenues will more than double this year, to reach $3.3 billion. By 2015 this figure is predicted to have topped $20 billion with Mobile poised to make up a significant share of total ad spend, “from 0.5 per cent of the total advertising budget in 2010 to over 4 per cent by 2015”, according to Gartner.

To deliver on this growth, we need to overcome many of the existing challenges to mobile advertising uptake. Delivering the tools,...

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iPad App Powers BBC’s ‘Egypt’s Lost Cities’

As part of its long term strategy to advance the use of technology within its programmes, the BBC commissioned AlwaysOnMessage, a UK-based Mobile App Agency, to create an iPad app for it’s latest archaeology show.

Egypt’s Lost Cities, which used aerial archaeology to uncover hidden treasures, used the App to highlight finds and future digs in an interactive manner that comes naturally to the iPad device.

With a pioneering approach to archaeology, the app supported the team with features designed...

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Time Spent on Mobile Apps Surpasses Desktop For First Time

A report released by Flurry today highlighted a significant shift in the way we consume information. For the first time, smartphone and tablet shipments have exceeded desktop and notebook shipments. The mass consumption of information is now done via mobile devices.

The report compares how daily interactive consumption has changed over the last twelve months between the web (desktop and mobile web) and mobile native apps. The report draws on data collected from comScore, Alexa and Flurry Analytics.

Time Spent...

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#AppsWorld Asia prepares to dissect regional app development, app marketing and industry growth

SMWF Far from taking a well earned summer break, the Apps World team is gearing up for its next major event, Apps World Asia, in Singapore on 1-2 September, preparing to examine apps industry growth, consumer apps marketing and app development in the region.

The Asian apps landscape is one with its own very unique challenges, but also vast opportunities, with unparalleled 3G and broadband access in some...

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Apple steps in to defend developers in IP lawsuit

Apple has responded to a lawsuit filed against a number of developers by patent holder Lodsys, arguing that they are protected under the company’s license, and that pursuing them in this way would adversely affect Apple’s business.

Applying for permission to intervene in the cases brought by the IP organisation earlier this month, Apple reiterated its view that developers were covered by an existing licence.

"The license expressly permits Apple to offer and otherwise make available to its...

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This Week in Mobile…Open Mobile Summit

This week’s roundup of the mobile world is going to take a slightly different angle as Harlan Davis, AoM Commercial Director, and I spent two hectic but informative days in London at the Open Mobile Summit.

From the outset this event looked to be crammed with industry experts and speakers and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

We take a look at some of the highlights…

eBay Mobile – Most Advanced Mobile Strategy

Possibly one of the nicest people we have ever met! Yankovich outlined...

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New app analytics provide performance and usage data across platforms and devices

Carrier IQ, today announced availability of a new Application Analytics module that will enable mobile operators and device manufacturers to monitor application performance and usage across multiple mobile device platforms, including tablet devices. Carrier IQ’s technology provides mobile network operators and device manufacturers with invaluable insights into the performance of various devices and networks from the user’s perspective. Carrier IQ’s solution is deployed on over 150 million...

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Mobile marketers struggling to demonstrate ROI

A new study from King Fish Media has shed light of the state of the current mobile marketing industry, revealing that while the channel is popular for customer relationship building, many brands are struggling to effectively measure ROI.

Sponsored by Maxymiser, HubSpot and Junta42, the survey found that only a third of companies have any kind of mobile marketing plan in place, while among the rest, two thirds are planning to implement some kind of strategy in the next twelve months.

The study also found that...

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iOS developers served lawsuits over IP infringement

A number of iOS developers in the US have been hit with lawsuits alleging patent infringement over Apple’s in-app purchasing features for Apps Store software.

Following a threat which gave developers 21 days to secure licenses for the sue of what it claims is patented software, Lodsys has now filed the lawsuit this week the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, a district known for providing a favourable outcome for patent holders.

The claim concerns the firm’s US patent for, "Methods and...

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Software AG buys UK Metismo

Software AG has announced the acquisition of the Metismo, the UK-based creator of Bedrock, the platform that allows developers to write applications for multiple smartpones using Java.

The platform helps smooth out problems caused by the many permutation of handset type and their various idiosyncrasies. The financial details of the deal have not been released.

Software AG specialises in enterprise applications, and says that this acquisition will allow its developers to solve the complex issues around...

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This Week in Mobile…

Apple move to protect developers

Last week saw Lodsys try to enforce in-app payment patents against App developers and not against the platforms themselves … This week saw Apple reply with words akin to “not on our watch”.

Surely Lodsys saw this coming? We speculated as to what Apple’s reaction might be, but in hindsight it’s obvious. EVERY platform’s success hinges on an active developer community, so Apple weighing in should come as no surprise.

I think Android and...

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Survey Finds iPad Increases Business Productivity

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of engagement agency Seven has found that Apple’s iPad increases productivity for business users.

The survey, which asked over 1,000 ipad users about their device usage, found that even though 80 percent of iPad users also own a smartphone, 35 percent of them favoured using the iPad to work on whilst commuting and 40 percent use it whilst travelling for business.

Further results found that business iPad users interact more with magazines: 61 percent stated they were...

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UK’s First NFC Mobile Payments Service Launched

Orange and Barlaycard have launched the UK’s first contactless mobile payments system – QuickTap – allowing consumers to make purchases using their mobile phone.

The nationwide service, which has been rolled out to over 50,000 stores, allows for payments of £15 and under by tapping the mobile device against a specially designed reader.

The service can be used by those who have a Barclaycard, Barclays debit card or a Orange credit card and a QuickTap enabled handset, the Samsung...

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This Week in Mobile…

Blackberry launch the new Playbook … and promptly issue a recall


So RIM get their iPad beater to the US and Canadian market and then have to issue a recall due to a faulty operating system! Initially it was thought 900 devices were affected, although RIM later issued a public statement stating 1000 of the 16Gb models had been affected. Not a good omen, but I still...

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App Usage on Smartphones & Tablets

A study conducted by mobile analytics firm Zokem outlines how application usage differs between smartphone and tablet devices, and also compares the time spent using apps compared to web usage.

Unsurprisingly, the results found that application use is more popular than using web browsers on both smartphone and tablet devices. Smartphone users access a web browser 15 percent of the time whilst tablet users access one 39 percent of the time.

Interestingly the study also...

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BlackBerry® to host app developer masterclass @ #AppsWorld Africa

With Apps World Africa just two weeks away, in Cape Town on 1-2 June, BlackBerry have announced that they will be running an app development masterclass session at the event.

Hosted by RIM’s senior app development consultant in South Africa Michael Weitzel, this session will provide the technical knowhow that developers require to begin developing apps for the BlackBerry platform across both web and Java.

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