App claims to cure writer's block by sabotage, but does it work?

Need to knuckle down on your work? Well, an iOS app claims to cure procrastination by performing increasing levels of annoying acts on your text unless you comply.

The Write or Die app – with the superb tag line “putting the ‘prod’ in productivity” – aims to instil fear in those whose work is slacking.

The app, created by the requisitely-named ‘Dr. Wicked’, carries the frankly scary introduction: “As long as you keep typing you’re...

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Is the Skout case another warning shot for app safety?

The news that social mobile app maker Skout has had to temporarily suspend its teen community after rape allegations may come as a shock, but did they realistically have any other option?

Skout, billed as the “largest and fastest growing network for meeting new people and having fun”, allows users to make new friends, flirt or find a date.

The company made the decision to install a separate under-18s community after noticing there were many underage...

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Apple dumps Google Maps in favour of own app software for iOS 6

One of the worst-kept secrets in the industry was finally made official as Apple announced the features of the iOS 6 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC): Google Maps is no longer to be a part of iOS devices, with Apple’s own Maps software instated in its place.

This isn’t the major exclusive the world was hoping for, because everyone pretty much knew it already.

Only last week Google hosted a press conference centred...

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Facebook rolls out App Center to US with 600 apps making cut

The highly-publicised Facebook App Center, described as “the place for people to find great social apps on the web and mobile”, has been officially released to US users, with apps available on iOS and Android platforms as well as on

Many of the apps are already-popular games and services, such as Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something. The Center categorises best apps in terms of top rated, trending and top...

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Android “will peak this year” as Windows Phone challenges Apple, IDC says

As forecasts go, this is a pretty big one: the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that Windows Phone will overtake iOS by 2016 and that Android will have hit its peak by the end of this year.

This won’t be great news for Google, but the report notes that Android will still be far ahead of the opposition, holding 52.9% of the market share by...

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Gloves off between Google and Nokia/Microsoft?

Reports are surfacing that Google is unhappy with Microsoft and Nokia’s collaboration because they have transferred patents to a “troll” who makes money from patent lawsuits.

Infact Google has sent an official complaint to the European Commission claiming that Nokia and Microsoft have put 1200 wireless patents in the hands of Canada-based “patent troll” MOSAID Technologies,

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Unique payment app launches to give businesses cash-flow freedom

Payment service provider CreditCall, in partnership with Elavon, is rolling out what is claimed to be the world’s first mobile payment app which allows UK businesses on the move to utilise Chip and PIN on Android and Blackberry devices.

The revolutionary app, called Elavon MobileMerchant, launches today following a highly successful five month trial, and has...

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Facebook smartphone rumours gather pace (again)

Rumours that Facebook is to enter the smartphone market have been raised for the third time, with Apple engineers purported to have been headhunted to work on the project with a proposed release date of 2013.

According to a report in the New York Times, citing anonymous sources, the social networking giant wants to move into hardware, and it won’t be the first time they’ve dabbled in this area, either.

Facebook reportedly initiated – then soon...

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Will Facebook’s new Camera app make Instagram irrelevant?

Facebook has launched their new photo sharing app Camera just weeks after completing the £1 billion takeover of photo sharing app maker Instagram.

Camera, which is available for free on iPhone, has various similarities to Instagram, including cropping, rotation and the use of filters.

Further, whereas the old Facebook mobile app only allowed one photo to be uploaded at a time, Camera...

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Google vs Oracle: Google wins round two of patents case

Google has won the latest battle of the patents after a court in California ruled that the internet search giant didn’t infringe on Oracle’s patents.

The trial has had two distinct phases, concerning copyright and patent infringement separately.

The jury had already returned an inconclusive verdict in the copyright infringement aspect of the case, stating that they believed Google had infringed Oracle’s copyright on 37

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Apple and Samsung CEOs forced by court to talk over patent row

The CEOs of Apple and Samsung are due to meet today in an attempt to sort out their patent disagreement.

Apple chief Tim Cook and Samsung boss Choi Gee-sung are to attend a court-imposed mediation session in San Francisco spread over two days, with the eventual result of this case potentially having far-ranging effects on the sales of both companies.

Apple claims Samsung has been “slavishly” copying the iPad and iPhone...

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Barclays announces corporate launch for Pingit app

Barclays have announced their Pingit app will be available to corporate clients, enabling clients to receive payments from their customers as well as allowing customers to pay their bills instantly and easily.

Barclays’ corporate collections functionality makes greater use of quick response (QR) codes. Businesses can register for a unique QR code or corporate ID and then put them on invoices and statements.

Pingit, which has been available commercially since February and recently passed 500,000...

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Apple is at the core of customer satisfaction

Research from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) suggests that Apple is ahead of the pack in terms of user satisfaction.

ACSI, who rank large companies out of 100 year-on-year, published in their May results for cellular telephones that Apple has an eight point lead over their nearest competitors and a whopping 14-point lead over the backmarker, Research in Motion (RIM).

The Michigan-based company uses demographics of customer expectations, complaints and loyalty, and perceived quality and value...

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Visa’s payWave app to align with Samsung Galaxy S3 for Olympics

Samsung have confirmed that limited edition showcase Samsung Galaxy S3 devices will have the contactless payment app Visa payWave enabled for the Olympics.

The smartphones will be available to sponsored athletes and selected partners, with Visa and Samsung installing 3,000 terminals on the Olympic site alone.

Samsung had introduced the Galaxy S3 last week with features including a 4.8 inch HD screen, an 8MP camera and the S Voice voice-recognition software.

Visa claims that the payWave app is most useful...

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Happy Snappii brings in more Android support

The American app maker Snappii, which specialises in rapid mobile apps development, has announced increased support of Android devices.

This means new apps created on the platform will utilise native Android APIs, which gives Snappii more compatibility with Android, increasing productivity and stability.

The primary upshot of this though is greater functionality with their apps, including enhanced colour schemes, leverage of Google Maps, and the ability to create apps in 17 languages.

This is another good...

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