Smartphones: The transition from accessory to necessity

A smartphone is no longer the symbol of a C-level executive; they exist for everyone. A flashy new handset is no longer a conversation starter; the discussion has evolved into ‘what are you doing with it and how does it makes your life easier?’

If you are sitting at your desk or on the bus, the majority of people will be using their smartphone in some capacity. Our work and personal lives are now blurred thanks to the power of smartphones. The

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Data breach gives Morrisons food for thought

By Phil Barnett, VP of Global Accounts, Good Technology

This week, UK supermarket Morrisons confirmed that one of its employees was behind the data breach of confidential information on employee salaries and bank account details.

This is unlikely to be the sole instance of sensitive data being leaked by an employee. While companies can do as much as...

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Why European employees must connect with mobile education

Forrester shows that Europeans are now more connected than ever before, with most owning two or more connected devices. As the use of personal devices in the workplace continues to rise, employee education will become key.

Many habits developed in personal device use are a liability for enterprises, so employees need to understand the importance of keeping data secure. They are the biggest security...

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How to embrace the change in secure mobility

While take-up of non-BlackBerry mobile solutions in the private sector has been rapid, the public sector has largely remained in the BlackBerry era.

However, recent pressure from end users and the availability of other secure, comprehensive alternatives has prompted the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (or CESG) to develop and release mobile ‘End User...

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Beyond BYOD: Mobile first strategies for business

LOL, ROFL, BRB – as online acronyms go BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has plenty of competition for most overused phrase on the internet, and with good reason too. BYOD is unquestionably changing the way we work as our mobile devices are becoming integral parts of who we are as people, not just employees.

However a business that can’t look beyond that acronym is dramatically undervaluing the way a mobile first strategy can transform its business.

We know productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction can be...

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Biometrics, cloudy passwords and the ongoing Android vs Apple debate

Last month’s launch of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s raised a lot of questions for the mobile security industry. Will biometrics catch on, are cloud-stored passwords really secure and, of course, the eternal debate rolls on – which is more secure Apple or Android? 

Are biometrics the next big thing? 

So many factors need to be in place for a technology to catch on. Context is everything – how usable is it, do consumers want it and how much does it cost? The past year has seen an explosion in...

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