A guide: How to better manage your personal information

Today, information is being collected at a rapid pace. If you don't take the right steps to protect your information, you could suffer from a breach that would endanger your private banking and other personal information. Therefore, you need to manage it with the right tools and strategies. But this can seem overwhelming at first.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be. If you use the advice below you can have peace of mind and be efficient while using your information in the best way possible.


The first...

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How big data and AI will revolutionise healthcare and help prevent heart attacks

There is new research, data, and expert opinions which show that the potential of big data today now goes beyond the business sector. In a Forbes article, it was mentioned that big data could even prevent heart attacks.

In relation to this, the American Health Association conducted a Health and Tech and Innovation Forum to discuss how big data would offer transformative technologies to not only encourage the healthy lifestyle to communities...

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Why organisations need to get ready for security automation

Data protection has always been a top priority for businesses. If the wrong person gets ahold of your clients, your business practices, or your internal structures, they can easily topple the business that you've built. However, as we've moved further into using technology and the internet for business, attackers have also moved on, and cyber threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Security automation is the up-and-coming answer to this. Here's some information on how you can use

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Why the solution to ransomware may be predictive analytics

Ransomware is quickly becoming a problem for both businesses and personal computer users. It is also becoming more sophisticated; users may not even have to click or download something to become victim to this scam. Ransomware can spread between networked PCs and servers quite quickly, which leaves the owners of these machines at the mercy of hackers demanding money for access to the owner's’ most valuable files.

As these threats to steal information and hold technology hostage become more real, so does the need...

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IoT and wearables: Making sure your enterprise OS transition is not short sighted


Gartner has predicted that by 2020, 20 billion connected things will be in use. While the consumer side of the Internet of Things has made up most of the conversations surrounding the IoT, it is within the enterprise that IoT stands to make the most revenue.

While digitising common devices certainly drives the imagination, the IoT also has the potential to drive entirely new business models, particularly in wearables. However, many enterprises are failing to...

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What all businesses should know about rapid mobile app development


Considering the rapid growth of the mobile app market, it’s no surprise that so many businesses would spend time and resources developing their own apps to capitalise on the trend. Companies see the potential, not just to create apps appealing to customers but for use within their own organisations. This, combined with the growing bring your own device (BYOD) movement, can turn businesses into well-oiled machines, efficiently increasing...

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The four pillars of BYOD security


By now it shouldn’t be a surprise that almost every bring your own device (BYOD) discussion will have some mention of security. In all honestly, most discuss it almost exclusively. After all, security is still the biggest roadblock keeping many employers from fully allowing personal devices inside the office. Yet instead of discussing all the problems and different threats that can arise, it may be worthwhile to discuss the most...

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Is COPE the answer to the shortcomings of BYOD?


Bring your own device (BYOD) was supposed to be all that a company needed. In an era where mobile devices are in high demand, businesses had to face the reality that employees were bringing their personal smartphones and tablets to work. Their solution was BYOD, an officially sanctioned policy allowing workers to use their personal devices for their jobs. More freedom meant happier, more productive workers, while companies no longer had to worry about the costs of supplying the...

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Why businesses should not be scared of BYOD

Simply mentioning the idea of bring your own device (BYOD) is enough to make some business owners tremble. Sure, there are many touted benefits to having employees use their own devices at work (greater productivity, more job satisfaction, reduced costs, etc.), but even all those advantages are not enough to convince some companies to adopt it.

BYOD is definitely trending upward, with roughly half of all organisations adopting it, but those that are staying away often feel like their BYOD fears are justified....

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The danger of the disgruntled employee to business security

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

Business leaders have enough to worry about when it comes to their companies’ security. Stories of major security breaches seem to fill the headlines every week as large companies struggle to keep up with the constant evolution of outside security threats. As troubling as these stories are, business leaders may have yet another threat to worry about, only this one originates from within.

According to a recent public service announcement from the Department of Homeland...

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The effect wearable devices will have on BYOD

IT departments had better be ready for some big changes right around the corner. A constantly evolving workplace would certainly not be unexplored territory for IT, but the approaching changes could turn the office environment on its head.

For years, many IT departments have had to struggle with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) policies adopted by many organizations all over the world. As employees used their own personal devices for work, IT had to handle more complicated challenges to protect...

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What the pros use: Top apps of business executives

Mobile applications are helpful just about anywhere - and that includes the boardroom and the corner office. Indeed, high-powered business executives can use apps to take notes, organize expense accounts, and keep track of the PGA Tour during meetings. BYOD policies are here to stay and whether you're a CEO or on your way up the corporate ladder, you may find one or all of the following apps to be beneficial.


When you say hello to Trello, you get an app that will plan...

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How cyber attacks ran rampant at the 2014 World Cup

After a month of fierce competition, exciting matches, and phenomenal goals, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has finally concluded. While Germany is celebrating another impressive victory and the world looks back on what turned out to be a thrilling tournament, it’s also important to look at some of the less than fantastic behind-the-scenes details.

The world may be moving on, but Brazil is only beginning to recover after several months of damaging cyber attacks. Being one of the biggest events on the...

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Introducing the next generation of wearable tech for health

While it might not be as prevalent as smartphones, wearable technology has gained more mainstream attention thanks to products like Nike’s FuelBand, Samsung’s Gear Fit, and Google Glass. These items and devices are really the first generation of wearable technology, and they only tap into a fraction of the true potential wearable tech has to offer.

As advances are made, many eyes are now turning to what will be the next generation of wearable devices, items which could see the sales of wearable...

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Will BYOD turn into BYOS (bring your own stuff)?

By now, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a common sight within the workplace. While some companies have still yet to develop their own BYOD programs, the majority of them have, and they’re already seeing the benefits that accompany them.

But as so often happens with technology, just when people get used to the way things are, the world gets taken for another ride and technology changes once again, leaving companies scrambling to adapt. BYOD may be the popular trend right now, but it may soon be a...

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3 big legal issues associated with BYOD

For businesses who want to cut cost and improve employee moral (i.e. every business), a bring your own device (BYOD) policy might seem like the obvious choice.

After all, by allowing employees to supply their own hardware, organizations can save substantial amounts of money, while also increasing productivity in the work place.

However, along with the many advantages that a BYOD policy could provide, there are also certain negatives that need to be considered....

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