The next generation of smartphones: What do you want to see?

Here at 3Squared, we are always eagerly awaiting the release of the next must-have phone.  Apple’s strategy of seemingly random launches, without even staff and retailers knowing what new features it may have, creates huge amounts of attention and their power in the technology market suggest this approach works.

But regardless of what features it does have, there is always much debate in the office about what the manufacturer has missed off.  We decided to take a look at the features that we...

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Are rumours correct that the Apple iPhone 5 will be the NFC iWallet?

NFC (Near Field Communications) might indeed be on its way within iPhone 5, the latest Apple rumour claims, but will the company get it right this time, or will it repeat the standards-based drama of the iPad 3 LTE debacle?

[ABOVE: One of the many NFC-related Apple patent filings, c/o Patently Apple.]

Cracking the...

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Mozilla smartphone to go on sale in ‘late 2012?

Mobile phones running an operating system developed by makers of the Firefox web browser will go on sale in late 2012.

The first handsets running Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko” (B2G) software will be available in Brazil on Telefonica Vivo’s mobile network.

Brazilian tech blog Ztop broke the news but had no details about which firm will make the handsets.

Announced in July 2011, B2G aims...

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RIM to Host BlackBerry 10 Jam During BlackBerry World 2012

Research in Motion has announced that its BlackBerry 10 Jam for developers will run in early May. In a March 15 entry on the BlackBerry DevBlog, RIM announced that it would host BlackBerry 10 Jam on May 1-3 as a concurrent conference to BlackBerry World, the largest annual gathering for the BlackBerry ecosystem.

BlackBerry 10 Jam will be dedicated to developers and is an opportunity...

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Augmented reality set to enhance London Eye’s pods

From the London Eye to London Fashion Week, the latest technology to hit the mainstream is reconstructing reality itself. So-called “augmented reality” (AR), which uses a smartphone or a tablet to layer extra information over an onscreen image of the real world, is set to be all around us in the near future.

At the avant garde end of the spectrum, Google is said to be developing eye glasses that integrate the technology into a RoboCop-style vision of the future. Although Google itself refused to confirm the rumours, the New York Times reports...

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iPad 3 launch anticipated early March

It’s quite likely that the much awaited iPad 3 will make its debut in March this year.

Apple follows a fairly strict schedule for updating its products. The first generation of iPad was launched in March 2010. A year later, iPad 2 made its debut on Wednesday 2nd March.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, iPad 3 will be launched on 7th March this year, which is again a Wednesday and will be open for retail sale a week later. Though no official conformation is made yet, the industry analysts have fleet...

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Apple launches iBooks 2 and iBooks Author

Apple aims to drive the use of electronic textbooks in the classroom by making it easier for publishers to create interactive titles.

The company has announced a range of new tools and services which it claims will “reinvent the textbook”.

Leading names in educational resources are involved, including the world’s biggest, UK-based Pearson Publishing.

Apple will compete with existing offerings from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook device.

Roger Rosner, Apple’s...

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Netflix arrives in the UK

When we’re not wearing down the skin on or thumbs in a frenzied gaming session, there’s nothing we find more enjoyable and relaxing than kicking back with a decent movie or the latest television series.

However, we find nothing relaxing in having to brave the cold weather to make a journey to the local video library. Then there’s the added headache of having to scout through a mile long shelving unit packed with DVDs and Blu-rays of predominantly very little interest. A couple of days later,...

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Google to launch iPad and Kindle Fire rival tablet in spring?

Last month, the chairman of the search engine giant, Eric Schmidt, revealed the company would be launching an own-brand Android tablet in the next six months.

Mr Schmidt said it would be “of the highest quality” with industry watchers confident it would challenge Apple’s iPad while using its Nexus smartphone strategy that rivalled the iPhone.

But according to Digitimes, the new gadget would include a seven-inch panel – the same size as Amazon’s Kindle Fire – and would cost less than $200 to compete with the online...

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Touchless smartphones and TVs could be on sale in 2012

So you’ve lost your TV remote control. Again.

Not to worry, says a tiny Israeli start-up company called XTR3D – soon you’ll be able to flick through channels and adjust the volume using only… your hand.

You’ll just have to turn your palm towards the screen, and zap away without ever getting off the couch.

And no need for under-the-skin electronics or fancy microchips.

Instead, the TV – or rather gesture recognition software installed inside – will “read”...

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iPhone 4 owners can legally get Siri, know-how required

If you own an iPhone 4 and really want Siri on it, a new update has paved the way for you to get your wish.

Apple yesterday launched a new version of its iOS 5.0.1 update that, according to well-known iPhone hacker MuscleNerd, leaves the platform’s RAM disks unencrypted. Because of that, those with a little technical know-how can write a script to extract from the software update all the files needed to bring the virtual personal assistant to the iPhone 4.

Apple’s update can be automatically...

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Microsoft releases OneNote as first Office iPad App

Microsoft’s versatile note-taking app OneNote is the first Office software to make its debut on the iPad.

Already out there as an iPhone app, the latest 1.3 update to OneNote turns it into a full-fledged iPad app able to take advantage of the tablet’s full-screen real estate.

Though it’s part of certain versions of Microsoft Office, OneNote is probably the least understood application in the midst of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

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Adobe Stops Development of Flash Mobile Browser

Adobe has ceased the development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices, ZDNet reports citing an upcoming announcement from Adobe.

“Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations,” says Adobe’s announcement which is reportedly due to be released today.

Instead, Adobe...

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Big brand names embrace Apps

More than 90% of the world’s biggest brands are now using mobile apps as a tool to engage consumers, according to a new report.

Distimo, the insights group, assessed the presence of the 100 members of Interbrand’s 2011 Best Global Brands ranking in leading app stores such as those run by Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

In all, 91% of organisations boasted at least one application in these outlets, a figure which had grown from 51% in a similar study published in 2010.

Disney led the charts...

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10 Ways to make your app stand out in the mobile crowd

You’ve had your million-dollar idea, and you’ve turned it into an app. Now you’re ready to release it upon the world.

But you’ve got one big problem: you now have to compete with the hundreds of thousands of apps already jumping up and down and vying for the attention of consumers. So how to make your app stand out from the crowd? Here’s a checklist of ideas to help you make your app more visible.

1. Get good user reviews

Reviews can play a vital role in a...

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Mobile App or Mobile Website?

A lot has been taking place in the mobile world, the use of mobile is more than that of computers and TV right now. Hence, it is significant for businesses to have their presence on mobile.

Speaking with clients, 3Squared found that there is a lot of confusion amongst the businesses whether to go for mobile apps or mobile websites?

Below are few points which will help you to understand the difference between the mobile website and mobile application:

Mobile Websites:

  • Developed for navigating website on the small screen of Smartphone.
  • Runs on the mobile’s browser. It opens like a regular website on your Smartphone.
  • Approvals...

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Google Chairman ‘Not Too Worried’ About Apple Lawsuits Over Android

ZDNet Asia reports on comments from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt regarding the recent flurry of lawsuits between Apple and Android-based smartphone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. Schmidt’s comments, which came at Google’s Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo, reveal that he is “not too worried” about the lawsuits as he takes a shot at Apple (and others such as Oracle and Microsoft) for suing when it...

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Android now seeing 550,000 activations every day

You read that right. Today, during Google’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Larry Page announced that some 550,000 devices are being activated every day.

That’s about 382 devices being activated every minute, or 3.85 million every week.

That’s a lot of devices.

Put it into perspective: On June 28, Android’s Andy Rubin tweeted that a half-million devices were being activated daily....

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Apple increases baseline App Store prices

Various international prices increase, others drop following platform maintenance

The prices for App Store apps have increased in several countries and gone down in others following a brief period of iTunes Connect down time yesterday.

Prices have gone up in the UK, Mexico and Norway, and down in Japan, Switzerland and Australia according to MacRumours. Apple has said that the changes have been implemented to balance...

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Freemium takes charge on the app store

Flurry the mobile app analytics firm published an interesting report recently which shows that the freemium model now accounts for a large part of the total revenues from the App Store. Specifically it highlighted that free-to-play games now account for 65 per cent of the total revenues from the App Store’s Top 100 titles. Earlier this year that figure stood at just 39 per cent.

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