Rich media and video are driving mobile ad spend

click_to_video_smallAdvertisers need compelling reasons to shift budgets across media channels; here are a few for starters from our CMO, Paul Childs…

Mobile advertising spend is growing fast, actually very fast according to IAB US/UK/Spain mobile ad spend reports for 2011. In the UK alone, mobile ad spend grew 140% YoY from...

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UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic!

donc2b4t-panic21In August of last year, Apple signaled that they would be responding to privacy concerns by deprecating access to the unique device identifier (UDID) functionality in iOS. Deprecation is a way of making certain features obsolete in future versions of a platform, while providing a transitional period.

This week several...

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Mobile advertising activity over Christmas 2011

The decorations may be packed away and the New Year’s resolutions underway, but before we put Christmas to bed for another year, we’ve drilled down into the data across our 10,000 publisher networks and taken a look at the impact of mobile advertising over the festive season.

Our data reveals a shift in consumer engagement in both mobile browsing and app usage as consumers made the most of their increased leisure time to engage with recreational apps and spent more time browsing...

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AdWhirl Integration

We’ve released some updated features to our Android and iOS SDKs, including custom AdWhirl integration (

For all you developers out there who are already using AdWhirl – a free, open source tool that enables publishers to pull ads from multiple ad networks – if you haven’t tried Adfonic yet, you’re missing a revenue opportunity! So be sure to add us to the mix soon.

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A look at the drivers behind Gartner’s Mobile ad spend numbers

Gartner’s figures, released last week, estimate that global mobile advertising revenues will more than double this year, to reach $3.3 billion. By 2015 this figure is predicted to have topped $20 billion with Mobile poised to make up a significant share of total ad spend, “from 0.5 per cent of the total advertising budget in 2010 to over 4 per cent by 2015”, according to Gartner.

To deliver on this growth, we need to overcome many of the existing challenges to mobile advertising uptake. Delivering the tools,...

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