Which security technologies are fittest for the future?

Alan Rodger, Senior Analyst, Software – Enterprise ICT Management & Infrastructure Solutions

RSA recently released a report written in conjunction with the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC), an august body with a membership of security executives from many leading international enterprises. The report’s focus is on the technologies that are strategic for transforming information security.

This transformation is necessary because of the evolution of the threat landscape, in which...

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Values go to the heart of customer-centricity, and that is the job of leadership

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement

The challenge facing all enterprises is how to remain relevant to customers amid unprecedented speed of change. Being customer-centric promises the best means to do that, but the implications for transformation are profound.

It is impossible to reconcile product-centric and customer-centric philosophies. In the former the organisation’s capabilities, processes, and collective mindset focus on products or services it wishes to sell to its customers....

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Data breach detection and remediation share spotlight at InfoSec

Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

The volume and variety of cybersecurity attacks alongside the need for organizations to defend against the types of targeted, advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are now seen as commonplace changed the way that security vendors presented their wares at InfoSec 2014.

The show had much less of a focus on core malware prevention tools, with most vendors appearing to accept that the defense-in-depth strategy is no longer credible. InfoSec vendors...

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Enterprise IT must adapt to the “mobile first” world

Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility

The shift to the “mobile first” enterprise will have as big an impact as the introduction of the web. There are 1.6 billion smartphones alone in the market and the number of connected devices is set to see further step change growth through multi-device ownership, including tablets and new wearable devices such as glasses, sensors, and watches enabled by machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

This proliferation of devices, and the notion that they are a new...

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How CxOs can transition their enterprises to be agile

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Infrastructure Solutions

Agile and lean thinking is now practiced in the mainstream business, beyond the IT department. Agile business processes typically replace legacy waterfall ones, which are characterized by too much up-front effort, long delivery times, and disappointing outcomes. Agility in the business has the benefit of “failing fast,” which means gaining feedback through incremental delivery and being able to steer away from problems quickly, at...

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A lifecycle approach to asset information management can deliver big benefits

Warren Wilson, Lead Analyst, Energy – Oil & Gas Technology

Enterprises in asset-intensive industries such as utilities and oil and gas have many billions of dollars invested in aging assets. These assets cost billions more to keep in good working order, meet regulatory compliance, and modify as requirements change. In a recent survey, Ovum found that an emerging software category, asset lifecycle information management (ALIM), can provide significant business benefits.

To date, relatively...

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Information privacy is still the IT “elephant in the room”

Information privacy continues to be a topic of hot debate. Some have argued that privacy for the social networking generation is a thing of the past, so we may as well get used to it. Others argue that privacy is a basic right that must never be ignored. However, today’s expectations appear to be much more subtly differentiated. Consumers are becoming more aware of the value of their personal data. They will trade personal information for real or perceived benefit, but will punish a company relentlessly...

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What Hadoop means for SAS’s product roadmap

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

At an analyst gathering a few weeks ago, SAS termed Hadoop its strategic development platform for new analytics tools going forward. SAS is ramping up new products and enabling its existing portfolio to work natively in Hadoop. Its advantage starts with a wide and deep library of analytic functions and established data management capability.

SAS aims to exploit Hadoop’s native multithreaded, massively parallel processing capabilities...

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Office for iPad: It’s the intersection of cloud and mobile

Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility and Productivity Software

After dipping its toe in the water with OneNote and Office Mobile for iPhone, Microsoft has finally jumped into the waters of the Apple App Store with both feet, releasing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad. There is a catch of course; the user has to have a Microsoft Office 365 account to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

There are those who think the new Microsoft offering is “too little, too...

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How healthcare can be more than the sum of its parts through smart ICT

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare is currently less than the sum of its numerous, impressive parts. Yet there is significant potential – with the help of ICT – to achieve the opposite. This was one of the strongest messages at Ovum’s first healthcare summit, Smart Strategies for Healthcare Technology, which was held in London last week with speakers from across the care spectrum including NHS Trusts, GPs, and social care and national organizations.


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VCs move into ALM space with CollabNet and Polarion investments

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Infrastructure Solutions

VC activity in the application lifecycle management (ALM) space has picked up with announcements related to CollabNet and Polarion Software. The breaking news is from Polarion, which on March 6, 2014 revealed that Siemens Financial Services Venture Capital has made a strategic corporate investment of $10m, which will give Polarion increased depth to compete for global clients.

While the amount is relatively modest by VC standards, the real...

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CA Technologies outlines new strategy for growth

Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum Software

CA Technologies held a global analyst symposium in January 2014 where it discussed its strategic intent for its full portfolio of capabilities and solutions. Ovum has selected what it believes to be the key messages from the symposium in two related markets where we believe CA Technologies has significant new business opportunities: project and portfolio management (PPM), and infrastructure management.

The market for infrastructure and enterprise management...

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Gamification can benefit the IT service desk in many ways

Adam Holtby, Research Analyst

Enterprise gamification continues to garner a lot of attention, and the increased understanding of how the practice and its supporting technologies can and are delivering real organizational benefits is encouraging.

In the context of IT service management, the IT service desk is often identified as a function that can benefit from the use of gamification, and new technological capabilities are being introduced by leading ITSM vendors that can help service desks realize new...

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MWC 2014 roundup: Enterprise mobility

MWC 2014 was characterized by a focus on enterprise. Although there were consumer device and service launches, the sheer number of booths promoting services to business customers was astounding. They pervaded every hall, and IT vendors outnumbered telcos.

There is no doubt that MWC is increasingly a major vehicle for enterprise mobility vendors to secure business.

Those vendors have been busy. The overall sense Ovum gained from conversations with many is of even fiercer competition than ever – and...

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Google offloads Motorola Mobility as Lenovo rises up consumer tech leaderboard

Tony Cripps, Practice Leader, Devices and Platforms

Google has sold its Motorola Mobility handset business to China-based Lenovo in a deal valued at $2.9bn. The announcement comes only 18 months after Google bought the ailing mobile phone pioneer, which had slipped from being the global number two handset vendor to an also-ran over the previous five years. It also came the day after Ovum was briefed by Lenovo COO and EVP Gianfranco Lanci.

While Motorola Mobility has begun to show signs of recovery, vertical...

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SAS continues to make analytics more approachable for business

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management, Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Software – Information Management

SAS Institute recently updated Ovum on its rapidly evolving business intelligence (BI) and analytic visualization product strategy. It’s clear that SAS is continuing down a steady path to make its software more accessible to business end users. Its strategy builds off a functionally robust BI platform, to which the company has added self-service capabilities – notably around...

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How telcos are learning about life in the ICT channel

David Molony, Principal Analyst, Enterprise

Telecoms operators in enterprise managed services have some experience of selling through channel partners such as local resellers or integrators. Even so, they have been slow to develop the commercial skills and systems to drive this important part of the business in the disciplined way that IT companies do. Now, however, there are signs that telcos are learning valuable lessons in channel partner management.

The cloud model is driving telcos into the channel


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Cloudera claims the enterprise data hub has arrived, adds streaming

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

Cloudera announced this week that “the enterprise data hub has arrived.” Specifically, Cloudera has revised product packaging to make it more convenient (and affordable) for clients to buy the whole platform. As we stated when Cloudera first unveiled the enterprise data hub strategy, the vision is practical, but in the short term the primary hub-oriented roles for which the platform is ready are as “data lake” (where...

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Why flash storage offers compelling benefits for the enterprise

Amrita Choudhury, Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

With exponential growth in data volumes driven by cloud computing, Big Data, analytics, mobility, social media, server/storage virtualization, digital media, and large-scale transactions, storage systems have struggled to meet the required performance levels.

Data needs to be available on the go, and this has made enterprises rethink their storage strategies, especially for applications that require high performance and quick response times.

Flash storage...

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Microsoft keeps it in the family with Nadella as new CEO

Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility and Productivity

Microsoft has appointed Satya Nadella as its new CEO. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992, so the company has clearly decided to promote from within – a decision that is likely to please some stakeholders but not others. The announcement follows a better-than-expected earnings report in which Microsoft’s revenues increased by 14% on the previous quarter to $24.5bn, indicating improved performance in its consumer, enterprise, and...

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