Why gamification makes onboarding more effective

A guest post from Christopher Herbert at Technology Advice

Onboarding is more than just hiring people, and more than just increasing company output. Each new hire instantly becomes a participant in, and contributor to, company culture, and each new hire must become sufficiently engaged in their new job in order to reach peak productivity. If they fail to assimilate properly into the company culture, then every other employee will be affected, and you’re likely to

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Introducing...the lightweight gamification model

I am introducing a new model called ‘lightweight gamification’ which is targeted at individuals and SMEs who want to run gamified programs but don’t have the time and resources needed to think through, build and roll out a heavyweight gamification program.

Lightweight Gamification focuses attention on the following four key rules:

  • Design for feedback not reward
  • Focus on the player’s personal journey
  • Prioritise implicitly tracked metrics
  • Throttle the feedback to sustain engagement
  • It is...

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    Squiz Roadmap – gamified New Product Development planning software

    Met up with Steve Morgan, MD of Squiz UK, part of a 250 person strong business creating open source cloud software for enterprise customers and selling services around it, to find out what they were up to in the world of gamification.

    Squiz are known for two main products – enterprise CMS and enterprise search, while they also dabble in analytics and email marketing software.

    They run their own cloud farms in the UK and Australia with a global virtual team spread across the glove. They are no...

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    Rypple weaves gamification into performance reviews

    Rypple, the startup trying to improve enterprise performance review process, has been adding gamification loops to its application.

    This was highlighted by Daniel Debow, Rypple’s co-CEO,  in an interview with GigaOm and a recent slide deck on the opportunities and pitfalls of enterprise gamification. Some of their excitement around gamification is shared with their customers, including famously...

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