Tapping the passion of fans through mobile: NFL mobile chief Manish Jha - #AppsWorld

NFL fans will know there are only days until the Super Bowl descends on New Orleans for one of the most, if not the most, widely viewed events on the global sporting calendar.

A brand comparable in size and reach to the likes of Coca-Cola, the League’s bosses are cognisant of the increasing importance of mobile as a channel to connect with fans, both on its own behalf, and on behalf of its partners.

We spoke to NFL’s MD of Mobile Manish Jha ahead of his appearance at

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Mobilisation strategy advice from LA Airport's CIO Dominic Nessi - #AppsWorld

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the managing organisation for the sixth largest airport in the world, serving 62 million passengers a year, and faces the same IT challenges as any other piece of critical national infrastructure.

In this dynamic environment, LAWA CIO Dominic Nessi is right at the heart of things. His IT operation is the enabler for technology implementation across the organisation, ‘leading by following’, and supporting the operations staff that he says are the people who...

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#AppsWorld - In tough times, media turns to mobile R&D

It’s been a tough time for the Tribune Co, fighting to make headway in a highly competitive market, its four year journey back from Chapter 11 has been no cake walk. We caught up with Steve Weiss, the group’s senior Android mobile developer, ahead of his appearance at Apps World next month in San Francisco.

Working for such a huge, historic company, especially given its current situation, makes for an interesting professional life. The son of...

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How to make better apps for small to medium sized businesses

Entrepreneurs, one-man operations, small and medium sized businesses have been quick to embrace mobility because they all have one thing in common, flexibility.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have flexibility in the way they run their business, and the agility and adaptability to respond to market and technological changes.

According to research conducted in the third quarter of last year, over 90% of US small...

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20 years on, is SMS still a viable business tool?

Twenty years ago today a young British engineer named Neil Papworth sent the world’s first ever ‘short message service (SMS), “Merry Christmas”.

The recipient, Vodafone UK employee Richard Jarvis, received the message over Vodafone’s GSM network, and had no way of replying, but the innocuous seeming event spawned an entire communications revolution.

Despite the levels of SMS continuing to grow every year for the last two decades, some industry commentators have begun predicting...

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Why people wish they worked in the tech sector

Over a quarter of adults wish they had pursued a career in technology as the sector is perceived to offer greater earning potential and more job opportunities.

Last month we wrote about a widening skills gap in the mobile enterprise sector, and recent research from Hotels.com suggests that people working in other sectors see tech as an aspirational career option offering greater intellectual challenges.

Almost a third said that they wished they...

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SharePoint gets a bunch of new features, integrates Yammer

Microsoft’s SharePoint conference is in full swing in Las Vegas, where the company has laid out future plans for the ecosystem, rolling the social functionality of recent acquisition Yammer into SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

Microsoft bought the enterprise social collaboration platform earlier this year for $1.2bn, and plans to use elements of it to add social networking functionality to some of its main enterprise products.

SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most popular business products ever....

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Preview Skype app released for Windows Phone 8

Following news that Microsoft intends to kill off its popular instant messaging service, Live Messenger, next year and fold users into Skype, the company has released an updated version of the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 users.

MS cautioned that this preview release was a ‘work-in-progress, and some of the features may not yet work properly. However, the app shows how good a really well designed WP8 app can look, making full use...

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Here comes Windows 8: But are devices too expensive?

A looming shadow of uncertainty has been cast on the market around the possible disruptive potential of Microsoft’s new mobile and tablet operating systems, causing brows to darken among Google and Apple chiefs, but are the new MS devices too expensive?

Windows 8 officially goes on sale on 26 October with the launch of the Surface tablet, not to mention the host of additional devices running the OS from manufacturers like Levono, Dell and Acer, business leaders suddenly have an increased level of choice...

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Mobile strategy jobs boom reveals US & UK skills gap

A new report has hinted at a sharp increase in mobile specific job roles among US and UK enterprises, highlighting a new skills gap and bucking gloomy employment trends across both countries.

Over half of enterprises in the US and UK have created mobile specific roles, according to research from Antenna Software, with a fifth of companies planning to create at least one or two new mobile roles in the next year.

The figures highlight the growing skills shortage, and constitute a strengthening field of...

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Why measuring ROI on enterprise apps kills innovation #Appsworld

Measuring the ROI of enterprise apps on a case by case basis can hamper innovation, according to experts appearing in the enterprise track at Apps World this morning.

The panel debate, involving experts from IBM, GSK, Compsoft, SAP, Com-Tec-Co, and Mubaloo, discussed the challenges and opportunities around app implementation in the enterprise.

Measuring ROI across the app portfolio, rather than on a case by case basis allows for a more ‘darwinistic’ approach to development, argued Ashley George,...

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#AppsWorld preview: Why enterprise app development is ‘a people project’

One of the common pitfalls in the implementation of internal enterprise apps, following an arduous design, development and implementation process, is that uptake among users just doesn’t happen because the project didn’t properly consider their needs and didn’t involve them in the design and build.

Paul Heybourne, global technology innovation manager at Aviva, set the tone for a whole internal apps strategy at the firm after identifying a business case for an app to streamline the process of...

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Are firms 'such as Apple' to blame for BYOD security headaches?

You can’t swing a cat at the moment without hitting someone saying something about bring your own device (BYOD), and this week is no different, with a UK tech security firm casting a doubting shadow over BYOD’s cost-saving and security credentials.

UK security and identity management specialist Lieberman Software has laid the blame for sleepless nights and bitten nails of IT managers everywhere squarely at the feet of consumer device manufacturers.  

The firm suggested that over two thirds of...

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Apple boosts mobile enterprise security with AuthenTec acquisition

Would your mobile enterprise security manager be more happy working with iOS devices if they included a fingerprint authentication feature?

Future generations of Apple products may include hi-tech security verification systems like fingerprint readers, following the company’s likely acquisition of mobile security specialist AuthenTec.

The Florida-based firm, which offers a number of high-tech security solutions for phones and computers, already counts technology giants like Samsung, HP and Dell among...

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Why enterprise app devs love iOS and flirt with Windows 8

There’s been a significant shift in the attitude of enterprise app developers to the various competing app platforms, with iOS emerging as a clear favourite according to a new survey of over 3,600 devs.

In this latest quarterly report from analysts IDC and mobile platform firm Appcelerator, researchers surveying Appcelerator’s Titanium developer community found that iOS beat Android in terms of developer interest by 53% to...

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Does all the #BYOD hype tell the full story?

Around 60% of US companies still retain control of purchasing, management and liability of all employee mobile devices, while only 20% of European firms run fully governed BYOD programmes, according to two new studies.

The first, conducted among US telecoms professionals by Dimension Data for Xigo and CCMI, revealed that an increasing number of companies have begun to embrace BYOD strategies, chiefly as a means of keeping employees happy.

Over a fifth of respondents claimed their company already employed some...

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Mobile no longer an alternative channel across MEA

Mobile can no longer be considered an alternative channel across the Middle East and Africa by fincnial services firms, says industry analyst IDC.

Increasing mobile penetration and growing consumer demand are presenting a huge opportunity for mobile financial services in the region. Almost 800 million mobile subscribers represent market penetration of over 80%, yet only 35% of consumers are currently using mobile banking.

However, as end users become more technologically savvy, their need for services at...

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5APP's new paid and freemium enterprise app platform

UK-based business mobilisation specialist firm 5APP has become the latest company to offer hosted app development and management services on both a paid and freemium model into the rapidly expanding enterprise sector.

Driven by the rapid growth of BYOD, many organisations are looking for ways to manage their employees’ through apps operating on their personal devices.

Using standard web-programming tools, such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript the new toolkit allows developers...

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What are the key issues for successful B2E app projects?

With consumer apps increasingly raising the bar in terms of design and user experience, a new report has revealed that delivering high quality user experiences is one of the key aspects of business’ enterprise app wish list.

A report from MGI Research, sponsored by the app developer Kony Solutions, revealed that around 64% of businesses surveyed were planning to deploy new business-to-employee (B2E) apps as a way to bolster their competitive advantage and increase customer engagement, brand value and...

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What does Firefox OS have to do to break into the market?

The long awaited HTML5-based mobile OS from Mozilla, previously known by its working title Boot to Gecko, will be released as Firefox OS, with a number of operators signed up to support it.

Sprint in the US and the European telecoms giant Telefonica are two of the companies already associated with the launch, expected to be rolled out next year, starting in Brazil. Other operators pledging support include Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Telecom Italia and Telenor.

Firefox OS, built on a Linux kernel like...

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