The importance of extending enterprise apps to support our ‘mobile moments’


The term ‘mobile moment’ was coined in 2014 by Ted Schadler from Forrester Research. He talked about mobile moments as those instants where access to the right mobile app would deliver significant value. These moments may be related to finding an answer to a question, recalling details on some subject, recording thoughts so you won’t forget, or simply communicating.

Schadler emphasises the importance of ‘winning the mobile moment’ for mobile app...

By Josh Epstein, 07 September 2015, 1 comment. Categories: Applications, Development, Enterprise Mobility.

Why user experience virtualisation makes so much sense for enterprise apps


Enterprise IT and line-of-business managers are simply unable to keep up with user demand for new mobile applications. Beyond email, calendaring, and simple file sharing, enterprise users want and need mobile access to the applications that support mission critical business processes.  Most large enterprises maintain a huge portfolio of B2E (business-to-employee) applications – some having been purchased from software vendors, others developed in-house. 

The vast...

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