Microsoft announces 3 new 'flavours' for Windows 8 OS

Microsoft has announced it will release three new ‘flavours’ for its Windows 8 operating system.

There will be two editions of the OS for PCs running x86 processors, named Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Mobile devices with ARM chips will be able to run ‘Windows RT’.

Features on the new OS include an updated Windows Explore and Task Manager, and the ability to swap languages on the fly. The Pro version also offers encryption, virtualization and domain connectivity.

Windows RT, previously...

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Apple sued for in-app purchases in children's apps

A group of parents are filing a lawsuit against Apple for issuing large bills when using children’s gaming apps.

A San Jose federal judge has granted permission to go ahead with the claim that the smartphone maker is unfairly profiting from freemium apps for children, such as Smurfs Village and Tap Pet Hotel. It’s been argued that apps have been made to be easy for children to access add-ons, resulting in costs that could equal to hundreds of pounds.

The case was called to be dismissed by Apple...

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Adfonic launches new mobile video ad service

Advertisers will now be able to run TV-style video campaigns across mobile apps and websites.

Global mobile advertising marketplace, Adfonic, has launched the new product as a means to allow advertisers to replicate online video ads onto an iOS or Android mobile device.

The solution will provide access to approximately 200 million unique users through a network of 10,000 publishers each month.

Advertisers can plan and buy mobile video campaigns, which allow users to be taken from...

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RIM releases Blackberry Mobile Fusion for business users

RIM has launched a new mobile management solution, aiming to win back its business clientele and allow users to control mobile devices of various operating systems remotely.

Announced in November, the Blackberry Mobile Fusion solution offers organisations the ability to manage the multitude of different iOS, Android and Blackberry devices they’ve seen flooding into their organisation as a result of BYOD policies.

It provides a web-based control centre that allows IT managers a raft of management...

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Google announces augmented reality 'Project Glass'

Google has unveiled a new set of glasses, enabling wearers to check directions, video call and take photos whilst on the move.

The augmented reality specs, dubbed Project Glass, are currently being tested by Google before main release, which is yet to be confirmed.

Google wrote in a Google+ post: "We're sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input.”

The Terminator-esque glasses could include a 3G or 4G connection, motion sensors and GPS...

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Samsung launches mobile ad exchange with OpenX

Samsung Electronics has announced a partnership with OpenX Technologies, in order to help brands advertise on mobile apps.

The service, named Samsung AdHub Market, will enable advertisers to buy mobile space from developers, therefore creating easy targeted messages on Samsung devices.

Samsung believe that this will help developers increase revenue from ads and gain more control on ad displays.

Daniel Park, Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center, said: "Samsung is empowering both the...

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Apple iPhone 5 to include sharper retina display screen?

Apple could be releasing a new iPhone 5 with a 4.6 inch retina display screen.

Speculations about the device were announced on Thursday from a South Korean media outlet, which reported that Apple is placing orders with suppliers for the display.

The new iPhone could include a bigger display screen with ‘retina’ display - the same used in the latest iPad device. Other rumours about the smartphone include increased RAM, improved camera and a quad-core ARM A6 processor. These have yet to be...

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Apple pays first dividend back since 1995

Apple has announced it will pay its first dividend back to shareholders and will starting buying back some its shares.

The news comes after the tech giant revealed it has nearly $100 billion in cash from the end of last year.

This is the first time since 1995 that Apple has paid back a dividend, with the company paying $2.65 per share each quarter from July this year. It plans to use $45bn of its money over the next three years.

Apple chief executive, Tim Cook, said in a statement on Monday: “We have...

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Amazon Appstore hits 31,000 apps in 1 year

Amazon Appstore celebrates its 1st birthday by announcing it has hit 31,000 apps since its launch in March last year.

The marketplace for Android held just 4,000 apps at the time of launch, gaining an extra 27,000 through the year. Despite disputes with Apple over the use of the name ‘Appstore’, it’s been reported that apps from the store have been downloaded ‘millions’ of times.

Aaron Rubenson, Amazon Appstore’s Director, said: "Customers have used the Amazon Appstore...

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Android tablets to overtake iPads by 2015

Google Android could take over Apple iOS in market shares for tablets by 2015, according to new research.

Market analysis firm IDC found that Android shipped 44.6% of tablets during the fourth quarter of 2011. The Apple iPad accounted for 54.6%, dropping from 61.5% in the previous quarter.

However, with Apple selling 15.4 million tablets purely in the last quarter, Apple doesn’t need to worry too much about its competitors, such as Microsoft, Amazon and RIM.

Tablet sales in general have significantly...

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Google launches GetMo mobile site scheme for businesses

Google has launched a new initiative, aimed to encourage UK businesses to establish a mobile web presence.

The new scheme, called GetMo, offers businesses tips for building a mobile friendly website, alongside looking at the consumer trends in mobile. The GetMoMeter tool enables companies to see how websites look and run of mobile devices.

According to Google, 79% of large UK online advertisers had no mobile site, despite a 166% increase in mobile searches during Christmas last year.

Ian Carrington,...

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Gowalla shuts down after Facebook acquisition

Location sharing app Gowalla has shut down, just three months after being acquired by social media network Facebook.

Users were greeted with a message on the website’s landing page during the weekend, announcing the closure.

"Thank you for going out with Gowalla. It was a pleasure to journey with you around the world. Download your check-ins, photos and lists here soon."

Launched in 2009, the Texas-based startup had around 600,000 users 12 months ago. The mobile app enabled users to share...

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Windows Mobile Marketplace to be discontinued in May

Microsoft has announced it plans to shut down its Windows Mobile app store, in order to concentrate on its Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Mobile phone users won’t be able to use the Marketplace to search or download apps to their devices from 9th May. The closure won’t affect users of the new Windows Phone OS.

Apps already downloaded from the Marketplace will continue to work, but they won’t be available to download again if apps are deleted from the device. Publishers may wish to offer...

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Apple launches new iPad with HD & 4G

Apple revealed the eagerly-awaited new iPad last night, which features a sharper HD screen, 4G and a faster processor.

Named the ‘new iPad’, the tablet includes a ‘Retina’ display screen with 3.1 million pixels, four times the amount of the iPad 2. This makes the resolution higher than that of an HDTV.

The tablet will be ‘super-powered’ by a quad-core A5x chip, making use much quicker than competing devices.

The camera has been improved to a 5-megapixel rear camera, which...

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Google Play replaces Android Market

Google has rebranded its Android Market app store as ‘Google Play’, an entertainment hub where users can get access to music, films, books and apps.

The cloud-based platform allows Android users to search and share content that is stored online, enabling access wherever you are and on any Android device.

Up to 20,000 tracks can be stored in Google Play and more than 450,000 Android apps and games are currently available to download. However, apps have been given a step back from the limelight,...

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iPad 3? iPad HD? What's next from Apple?

With the announcement due in just 24 hours, speculation has been growing about what the new iPad will feature. Various leaks have been circulating the Internet and rumours have been spreading like wildfire, including name changes, components and size. Here’s a roundup of the top rumours that we will be looking out for...

The name is under major speculation at the moment, with many presuming it will be called the iPad 3 or even the iPad 2S, to continue the naming trend Apple started with its iPhone...

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#MWC12 Round Up - Day 2

We're now half way through Mobile World Congress and the annoucements are coming in thick and fast. With keynote speeches from Google and top operators Telefonica and Bharti Airtel, alongside some big product releases from Samsung, we knew we were in for some big news within the mobile world. Here's Apps Tech's Tuesday round up...


New Google Chrome browser for ICS

Google has unveiled a new Chrome browser for mobile yesterday, which enables Android users to browse across their phone and...

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Shazam unveils new Android Beam service #MWC12

During Mobile World Congress, music discovery company Shazam has unveiled an integration with Android Beam technology and what could be ‘the world´s fastest content tagging’ experience.

The integration with Android Beam, the NFC-based technology, means that users can share music, offers and television tags to one another by simply holding their devices back-to-back. If one of the users doesn’t have the Shazam app installed on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to the...

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#MWC12 Round Up So Far

With Mobile World Congress kicking off to a great start, announcements of new products, services and partnerships have been spreading around the Fira Montjüic complex like wild fire. Here´s a quick round up of the big news that has hit Barcelona so far...

Facebook to aid mobile web standards

Facebook has announced it is working on some mobile web initiatives, including

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New B-MAX tech car to be revealed by Ford at #MWC12

American car company Ford will unveil its new tech-filled car this month, which explores the intersection of automotive and mobile technology.

The car, named B-MAX, will be featured at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week and is apparently the first car to be showcased at the leading mobile event.

The manufacturer will be announcing the new technologies available within the hi-tech car, which has been touted as one...

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