Lessons from LinkedIn’s new mobile launch

For many brands, mobile is all they know. Their stories begin and end in the various app stores. For other brands, mobile is the great unknown. Their stories begin on the desktop and in web browsers.

A great example of the former is LinkedIn, who late last month launched a new mobile platform for iOS and Android users, complete with a brand new client-side user interface, back-end services, and a savvy new “recommendation feature.”

The decision to focus on mobile development rather than desktop...

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Why mobile-first companies leave the door open for the competition

Let’s face it, there are apps these days that are always in the news… for good or for bad. You know some of the ones I’m talking about – Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Angry Birds, Shazam, and the list goes on.

So why are these apps always in the news? Because the businesses that created them are app-centric…meaning the apps are the business.

These businesses were born in the mobile-era, so they revolve around their mobile apps and invest heavily in them. While these apps may be wildly...

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All the mobile app stats you'll ever need [infographic]

How many devices are being activated per day? How many apps does the average user have? Do all the apps in the app stores really get downloaded? How long do people spend on their mobile devices? What are they doing? Who’s using smartphones the most? All those questions are answered in this handy infographic from New Relic.

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How addicted are you to mobile apps? [infographic]

How long could you go without mobile apps? Minutes, hours, days?

According to Andrea Smith, of Mashable, you most likely couldn’t go very long. Infact, Smith says most people say they’d rather give up water than their mobile apps:

“In a survey on mobile app behaviour, 82% of those who responded said there are critical apps they can’t go without — not even for one day. Those include email (57%),...

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What are the top mobile security threats?

The European Network and Information Security Agency recently put out a new “Threat Landscape” report that takes a look at the most common cyber security threats. The report looks at security threats across different areas including general trends, big data, cloud, infrastructure and mobile. I bet that last one got your attention! If you’re doing security testing for a mobile app,...

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Are you a mobile worker superhero? [infographic]

There’s a new kind of superhero making its way around – and no, not the superheroes and wonderwomen you’ll see out trick-or-treating.

As explained by Neha Prakash of Mashable the workplace is being taken over by a new breed of “elite” workers who use mobile apps to increase business productivity:

“Unisys did a research project with Forrester Consulting, conducting surveys with more than...

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Has Siri met her match in Robin?

Watch out Siri, you might have some competition on its way. Meet Robin, the new free Android virtual assistant app.

We have seen a number of Android apps that have aimed to one-up Siri, but failed to do so. Robin comes into play with a new method to accessing voice commands: a wave of the hand. Brush your hand over the phone and Robin is ready to help you.

This is a neat idea, with the obvious benefits being ease of use and in-car...

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How Mobile Reviews Are Made

Reviews are a mainstay of the mobile world. It seems that nearly every publication worth its weight in data is publishing them for just about every major launch.

But did you ever wonder how they go about such a process? Well, the writers over at

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uTest Infographic: Which Android Devices Rock Apps

Do you play games on your SEMC Xperia Play? Are you a news junkie with an LG Optimus 2X? How do sports apps work on your Samsung Infuse 4G? Ever get frustrated with the music app on your HTC Thunderbolt?

In our newest uTest Infographic we let the Android Market app reviews do the talking to find out which devices reign supreme (and which fall flat) in the  major app categories.

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