Rapid mobile app development works - but not without management


Gone are the days of mobile app development being a long, expensive process—at least in the enterprise.

Although the developers of Angry Birds probably didn’t know at the time how much their app would take off, one thing’s for certain: they didn’t set out to create an app with a terrible user experience. They wanted a mobile app with depth that would cater to as wide an audience as possible, with all the right features and nothing cut-and-paste.

One of the...

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Why wearables aren't the next big thing in the enterprise...for now


This week marks two weeks passed since Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. As one of the (if not the) world’s biggest mobile-focused shows, every year, MWC is the place to be for cutting-edge mobile tech, trends, news, and more.

We’ve had some time to digest all the news coming out of the show over the last few weeks. What did we find? Well… a lot.

Some of the biggest themes seem to be mobile security and management—both of which are good...

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What the success of Apple Pay can teach us about driving enterprise app adoption


Just a few weeks ago on their fiscal Q1 2015 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced something surprising: after launching in October 2014, Apple Pay now accounts for $2 out of every $3 spent with contactless payments. Especially given the failure of Square Wallet last year, which sought to solve basically the same problem,...

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Finding BYOD an IT manager can get behind

Mel Leith of Cognisec, a single sign-on IT solutions provider, recently wrote an article that we felt compelled to comment on. The article—“Hassle Free BYOD”—covers a BYOD solution that’s more forward-thinking than many solutions you may be familiar with.

Rather than focus on the devices themselves—how many employees actually want to let their IT managers install security measures on their personal devices?—Leith advocates for a BYOD...

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3 extra tips for creating a useful and successful enterprise app

Matt Hunt, business development manager at enterprise app developer Apadmi, recently weighed in on how to develop a successful enterprise app. And you know what? We really liked his list of ten tips for creating a useful and successful enterprise app.

In his list, Hunt covered (nearly) all the right things: everything from defining the purpose of the app to...

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Why it’s time for you to get an enterprise app store

“Corporate mobile app stores can go a long way to giving users the experience and choice they want, and putting IT back in control.”

That’s the conclusion of a recent article by Phil Barnett, VP of Global Accounts at Good Technology. His article, “Why the Corporate Mobile App Store is on the Rise,” gives a great look at what enterprise app stores can do well. The story is similar for

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Spring cleaning the enterprise mobility house

Mobility in the enterprise is a hot topic these days. And in doing our regular light reading, we’ve found a wide variety of articles discussing just that. Some are good, some are bad, and some we’re indifferent to—but it’s not often that we read articles that we truly, strongly agree with.

Enter a blog published last week by Brillo, a provider of software products and technology consulting services. Titled, “

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Overcoming the 'app-ocalypse' in the enterprise

In a recent article on ZDNet, writer Charles McLellan discussed a series of surveys that help frame the state of enterprise mobility here and now in 2014. In his post, he wonders: are we currently experiencing ‘App-Ocalypse Now’?

While enterprise mobile apps greatly increase productivity — respondents to a July 2013 Mobile Helix survey expected,...

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The best way to measure the ROI of your enterprise mobile app

Despite the increasing interest in mobile apps at the enterprise level, we’ve realized something interesting in our time within the industry: many companies have no idea what it costs to create and support an app (for the record, from development, to testing, to support, an app could cost in the ballpark of $50-100 thousand over its lifetime).

And yet, we know that every business decision is based on ROI (or if it isn’t, it should be). Companies are for-profit, and their decisions should always be...

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An international BYOD policy: Is it right for your growing business?

A BYOD (bring your own device) policy that enables employees to work outside the office on their own devices works well for many companies, big and small. If you’re looking to expand into foreign markets, a BYOD policy provides several advantages, including increased flexibility for you and your staff and access to the business network from any approved device. It’s not without its disadvantages, however. Read on to see if a BYOD plan could work for you on a global scale.

Improve International...

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Mobility is the future - and it’s going to be everywhere

What’s the definition of mobility?

If you ask me, that question used to be a lot easier to answer. We had our standalone PCs, and then we had cell phones, and eventually, smartphones—but that was it. There was a static element in the PC, and a mobile element with the smartphone, but there wasn’t a whole lot of connection between the two.

Now, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The cloud means that we’re always connected—and not just our phones and PCs. Google’s

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Opinion: Enough BYOD BS

The conversation about Bring Your Own Device has been sputtering along for a couple years now, essentially degenerating into the vanilla sentiment that you need to pay attention to what mobile devices employees bring to work, and how they use them to access sensitive data.

Got that? Pay attention! Maybe you can even make a little list of approved devices, and if someone happens to use an unapproved device, you can send them a sternly worded email. That should do it.

But something has changed in the past three...

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What does MAM mean to organisational operations? In a word: Efficiency

As part of our continuing series on defining MAM beyond technical terms, we’re taking close looks at its impact on various functions throughout an organization. Last week we talked about MAM and marketing. This week, let’s dive in to how MAM is proving to be a catalyst for faster, more efficient operations throughout an organization.

If you set the wayback machine to those dark, dire days of pre-mobility —...

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The MAM/MDM impact of Apple’s iOS update: Is it time to call the bluff?

" . . . the new business features in iOS 7 will have a significant impact on MDM/MAM vendors, and Cortado is in the vanguard with support for Apple’s upcoming mobile OS refresh.”

So suggests a recent ZDNet article by Charles McLellan that details how Cortado’s Corporate Server 7 will play nice with Apple’s upcoming iOS upgrade. This speaks to an...

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Throw your favourite enterprise apps a bone during the dog days of summer

You probably know we’ve been talking a lot lately about our preloaded enterprise app store. It’s a great place to get started if you’re looking to launch one for your organisation. Not only is it easy to stand up, it comes ready-made with a suite of productivity, collaboration, and communication apps built to benefit any business.

And while it’s an awesome start to an enterprise...

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"Still waiting to embrace enterprise mobility? You’re out of excuses"

This summer has been conducive to a lot of conversation about the approaching “tipping point” of enterprise mobility. As we’ve noted in previous posts, the Gartner prediction about app store implementation (conservative as we think it is) has plenty of people giving serious thought to their mobile strategy.

As with contemplation of any new effort, serious thought also raises serious questions —...

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