Analysing network insecurity after developer outsources job to China

By Edy Almer, Vice President of Business Development

Critical infrastructure developer who outsourced his job to China: a worst-case illustration of network insecurity or closer to the norm?

Earlier this year Verizon reported a network breach where a top developer at a critical infrastructure company outsourced his job to Chinese programmers to whom he sent his two-factor authentication card.

At the time it seemed to me that this was an outlier example that painfully illustrated the network access security...

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Windows 8 Surface Pro: Is it the tablet to put your CIO’s BYOD concerns to rest?

By Brian Berger, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales

The much-anticipated Surface Pro launch was met with widespread shortages, with reports of long lines of would-be buyers in Seattle and Bellevue. Within a matter of hours, the 128 GB version had sold out online.

If these shortages are an accurate reflection of the demand Microsoft was hoping for, it’s just a matter of time before the first Surface Pros (and their kin) start appearing in your organisation.

And if you’re the CIO,...

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Win8 Surface Pro: The end of passwords?

By Edy Almer, VP of Business Development

Just recently, the email accounts of former U.S. president George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush and several other family members and friends were broken into, and private details exposed.

In the past three months, attacks against U.S. credit unions, many different companies, and the heightened prominence of phishing attempts should prompt IT departments to explore ways to more easily move their users into 'no more passwords' territory.

In the past,...

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Windows 8 brings Security-by-Design to the mainstream

For some time, layering security software on top of a device has been the approach that thousands of enterprises (and software security providers) have relied on in their quest to protect information and evade network threats. It’s easy to see why – it’s the approach that’s been sold to them.

Yet, software security has never been the ‘one and only’ answer on its own. Hackers are clever people, with an increasingly sophisticated range of techniques to infiltrate the layers...

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CIOs must scrutinise the security of their cloud setup

Research from IT recruitment consultancy Robert Half Technology has brought up an all too familiar story – CIOs are not testing the security credentials of their cloud vendor.

The latest figures suggest that 55% of the CIOs surveyed haven't tested the security procedures that their cloud vendor provides, despite the threat of expensive retrospective action.

Similarly, recent research has revealed that fewer than half of CIOs test cloud security systems and procedures. At the same time, the survey,...

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