Engage and conquer: Using mobility to encourage field safety compliance


The term field force mobility has referred to a range of mobile strategies employed by organisations using mobile technology to improve field productivity. In the beginning, it merely referred to the idea of getting a field resource to the job and receiving feedback that the job was completed. However, as companies move on to their second and third generation solutions, the goal posts change. Mobility now refers to workforce transformation, and among the key targets are safety and...

By Damien Moriarty, 04 August 2016, 0 comments. Categories: Applications, Employee Education, Employees, Enterprise Mobility.

A three part guide: How evolved is your thinking on mobility?


The power of mobility to transform the way businesses operate remains a hot topic. There seems to be a new story each day on how a company ‘went mobile’ and completely changed the way it operated, while the term ‘going mobile’ has been used to describe everything from a mobile-connected laptop to a complex integrated mobile application.

Like anything though, results are proportional to effort and there are three common approaches to going mobile: a...

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