The state of enterprise mobility at retail's big 2019 show

By Micah Robinson – Content Manager, Stratix

Another blockbuster edition of NRF Retail’s Big Show has come and gone, and it is an excellent opportunity to take stock of where enterprise mobility in the retail industry has been, where it is now, and where it looks to go. Let’s break down some of the most notable happenings and insights concerning mobile devices and services gained at the conference:

Bye-bye, dedicated devices. Hello, multi-purpose mobile...

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The growing complexity of enterprise mobile: Three trends complicating business use

While several factors are pushing up mobile’s ‘high degree of difficulty’, a look at three pivotal trends explains the reasons why. These trends, each of which is having an exponential impact on mobile’s complexity, are converging to complicate enterprise mobile on a grand scale.

Consider these three hallmarks of today’s enterprise use of mobility:

  • Multitude of user devices and device types
  • Breakneck speed of OS and app changes
  • Users’ sky-high expectations of support

Proliferation of mobile devices and...

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IoT and mobility: The two main pillars of digital disruption


By Chris Hale, Vice President of Marketing, Stratix Corporation

The lines have blurred between two massive technology forces driving changes in businesses everywhere: Internet of Things and mobility.

For example, what’s considered a “device”?  In the realm of enterprise mobility, we think mainly of smartphones and tablets equipped with apps and Internet connectivity. Smartphones are packed with sensors that collect data on location, orientation, acceleration,...

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