Why wearables need to be seen as the latest wave of enterprise lifecycle technology

With recent announcements and new lifecycle technology launches, wearables are the latest asset to make a push at the enterprise level. By 2020, experts believe there could be as many as 830 million wearable devices in use worldwide.

Today’s wearable technology market is growing annually by more than 15%—at this...

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P is for productivity: How Android 9.0 focuses on enterprise mobility

Did you catch any of the Google I/O coverage earlier this month? While Google’s developers discussed several impressive new technologies, none were more important for enterprise mobility than Android 9.0.

Believe it or not, some users have piloted tests dating as far back as March. As soon as this year’s annual developer conference came to a close, however, the company officially kicked off Android P—Android 9.0’s...

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Are strategic partners an MMS provider’s best feature?

You’ve probably heard “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” a hundred times by now. Being an expert is great, but in an industry as complicated as enterprise mobility, no single company or solution gets the job done by itself.

The most successful mobility program managers keep this in mind any time they evaluate a managed mobility services (MMS) vendor. While it’s important each one has adequate expertise and easy-to-use software, a growing number of enterprises also...

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