IAB: mCommerce happens inside stores

A new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau highlights the strong use of mobile by consumers while they are inside a retail store: 73% of respondents state they have used their mobile in store.

The study, Mobile Phone Shopping Diaries (May 2012), focuses on how consumers engage with mobile commerce via smartphones and interestingly, has found that 53% of mobile commerce users have stopped an in-store purchase as a result of using their mobile phone.

Joe Lazlo, senior director of the Mobile Marketing...

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One tablet generates as many web hits as four smartphones

One tablet generates as many website visits as four smartphones according to data from Adobe’s Digital Index Report.

Q1 of 2012 saw smartphones account for 6.1% of site visits compared to 4.3% on tablet. However smartphones only maintain a greater share of website visits due to the lower penetration rate of tablets.

Future Tablet Growth

Share of website visits from tablets grew approx. 10 times faster than the rate of smartphones within two years of market introduction and grew more than 300% in the...

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eBay Mobile Bidding a Hit with Consumers

Back in 2010 Steve Yankovich, VP of eBay Mobile, stated in an interview that “mobile changes the game” and, with consumers adopting mobile strategies left, right and centre, he was on the money. Its no surprise then that eBay has become one of the strongest players in mobile commerce

In August 2011 alone, eBay UK sold an item via eBay’s mobile platforms on average every second, selling over 2 million items via mobile devices. These figures reflect Yankovich’s statement in the same...

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Domino’s mobile platforms taking a slice of mCommerce

Domino’s mobile platforms are one the UK’s most successful examples of brands using mobile – in March the fast food company announced it took £1m in sales via mCommerce in a single week (Q1, 2012).

But why are consumers flocking to devour Domino’s mobile platforms?

Domino’s Mobile: Offering Convenience Via Mobile

As mobile devices are inherently convenient, it’s no wonder that fast food companies find it a natural platform; Domino’s heavy involvement in mobile...

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27% of Emails are Opened on Mobile Devices

More than a quarter of emails are opened on phones and tablet devices according to a study from Knotice.

The study of 974m emails sent in the second half of 2011 highlighted that mobile open rates had grown from 20.24% in the first half of the year to 27.39% in the second.

Interestingly, the study also shows the breakdown in open rates between tablets and mobiles…

Email Open Rates on...

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Mobile Tickets to hit 23 Billion Globally by 2016

A recent report from Juniper Research has found that the number of tickets delivered to mobiles worldwide will more than quadruple to 23 billion by 2016.

This compares with the 4 billion tickets estimated to have been delivered during 2011.

Mobile users are now beginning to adopt mobile tickets as part of their mobile lifestyle, using their devices to access tickets for anything from travel to entertainment.

Simplicity and Security Key for Mobile...

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How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

How are we interacting with our mobile devices? The following infographic, produced using research from Forrester, highlights the key differences between consumers relationships with their tablet and smartphone devices. It found that:

Tablet Devices Used Mainly in Bedroom and Living Room

  • 88% of tablet usage is done in the living room
  • 79% of usage is done in the bedroom
  • 24% of tablet owners use their device at work

Tablet owners mainly used their device to browse the web (88%), checking emails (84%) and playing games (72%). Furthermore:

  • 55% of...

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Smartphone Usage Growing Amongst Teenagers

About one in four US teens report owning a smartphone according to the latest PEW report.

The report highlights how US teenagers are interacting with their devices:

  • 23% of those aged 12 – 17 state they have a smartphone and ownership is higher among older teens: 31% of those aged 14 – 17 have a smartphone, compared with 8% of youth ages 12 -13
  • 16% of teens have used a tablet to go online in the 30 days whilst smartphone owners are the most likely to be tablet...

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NFC to facilitate $74bn transactions by 2015

NFC will facilitate transactions valued at $75bn by 2015 according to a study by Juniper Research.

The growth is attributed in part to the increasing amount of people using NFC to pay for goods in-store and as transport tickets; the study states that the use of mobile devices as an alternative to cards and paper tickets is one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile commerce market.

Furthermore, the study also highlights that the adoption of mobile devices for commerce-related applications is not...

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European & American Tablet Owners More Likely to Pay for Content

Tablet owners in Europe and the USA are more willing to pay for content a report from Nielsen has found.

Of tablet owners in the US, UK, Germany and Italy, Americans owners are most likely to pay for all categories of media content, except news.

Tablet Owners Buying Habits

The report also found:

  • Most US tablet owners have paid for downloaded music (62%) and books (58%) for usage on their devices. Half (51%) have paid for movies
  • Among the European countries, Italians are the most willing to pay for media content on their tablet
  • News is the top content...

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’63% of mobile phone users would rather give up chocolate vs .their mobile phone’ – Intel

63 percent of mobile phone users would rather give up chocolate versus their device – according to an infographic from Intel.

Mobile Statistics

Other interesting statistics:

  • 50 percent of teens can text blindfolded
  • 80 percent of people keep their phone by their bed
  • 40 percent of people have their phones on 24/7
  • 55 percent pf people would rather give up caffeine over their phone

View the full infographic below:

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Comparison-shopping #1 m-Commerce trend with a third of consumers

One third of US adults used their phone specifically for online information whilst inside a physical store according to research from Pew Research.

During a 30 day period before and after Christmas, US consumers used devices to aid shopping states the report:

  • 25% of adult cell owners used their phones to look up the price of a product online while they were in a store
  • 38% of cell owners used their phone to call a friend while they were in a store for advice about a purchase they were...

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Over Half of GB Population Owns a Smartphone

50.3 percent of the British population own a smartphone according to the latest research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The figures show that smartphones made up 71.4 percent of mobile phone sales in the 12 weeks ending 22nd Jan 2012.

Dominic Sunnebo, Global Consumer Insight Director at Kantar, commented:

“For the first time ever, you are now in the minority if you...

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Global Mobile Traffic to hit 10 Billion Mobile Connections by 2016

Global mobile traffic is set to hit 10 billion mobile connections by 2016, making there more Internet connected devices on the planet than humans, according to a recent report by Cisco.

Global Mobile Traffic

Global mobile traffic grew 2.3 fold in 2011, more than doubling for the fourth year in a row and higher than anticipated.

Last year’s mobile data traffic (which stood at 597 petabytes per month)...

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Who are Using Smartphones & Tablets?

Smartphones and tablets, it seems everyone has them but which demographics lead the way? comScore highlights.

Tablet Demographics 2011

Currently, the European tablet audience is predominantly male standing at 61.9 percent.

Users aged 25 – 34 account for the largest share of tablet share of tablet owners at 22.3 percent, whilst those aged 35 – 44 account for 19.6 percent.

Tablet Ownership Across the EU5

Men are more likely to use a tablet in Germany (65.3 percent) representing the most extreme...

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Apple World’s 3rd Largest Mobile Phone Maker

Worldwide mobile phone market grew 6.1 percent year over year in Q4 2011.

The IDC’s latest report also states that vendors shipped over 427.4 million units in Q4 2011 compared to 402.8 million units in Q4 2010. The 6.1 percent growth year over year was higher than IDC’s forecast of 4.4 percent for the quarter.

Kevin Restivo, Senior Research Analyst at IDC, commented:

“The mobile phone market exhibited unusually low growth last...

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Global Surge in Smartphone Usage States Google

Research from Google indicates a clear consumer shift towards smartphones as growth is seen worldwide during 2011.

The UK saw the largest increase in smartphone usage from 30 to 45 percent of the total population according to the post on Google’s official mobile ads blog. This rate stands at 38 percent in the US and France, 23 percent in Germany and 17 percent in Japan.

Smartphone Demographics...

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Five Million ‘Second Tablets’ to be Bought this Year

Five million people who already own a tablet device will buy a second one in 2012 according to predictions made by Deloitte.

As part of it’s annual predictions for the technology industry, Deloitte forecast that increasing amounts of consumers are going to buy an additional tablet device this year; fueling the notion that 2012 will be ‘The Year of the Tablet’.

Jolyon Barker, Global Lead for Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications department, stated:

“The tablet explosion...

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1 in 6 UK Adults Will Buy a Tablet This Year

One in six UK adults will buy a tablet in 2012 according to a recent poll by Sky.

The results also found that more than half of all UK adults now owns a smartphone, whilst one in 12 of those who took part in the poll had already received a tablet for Christmas.

David Gibbs, Director of Mobile at Sky, commented:

“Consumers are embracing smart mobile technology and using those devices to stay informed, in touch and entertained”

TV and Mobile Going Hand in Hand

2 million people in the UK now watch TV...

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