The ‘VIP’ of mobility: Three keys to great enterprise mobile apps


Regardless of use case, form factor, operating system, or manufacturer, there are some universal rules that should be considered when it comes to mobile. So here is the VIP list of mobility:


Value, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. With many business cases there is a degree of science and a pinch of art. The value from a mobile application might be as simple as returning more to the bottom line than the cost of implementing.

With enterprise applications, this is...

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Back to the future of mobile computing: A retro reading list

Picture credit: "Newton", by "Andy Field", used under CC BY NC SA / Modified from original

I'm sure you have heard by now that mobile computing is not new. For a quick trip down (fairly recent) memory lane I thought it would be fun to look at some 1990s mobility articles and quotes.Firstly, Mobile Computing: Past, Present, and Future by Vasilis Koudounas and...

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Mobile device end of life: What you need to know

(c) Khatilov

Mostly when people think of enterprise mobile projects what springs to mind is the process of designing, building, and testing, a fancy new mobile application. When this new application goes live suddenly life is easier, the company makes more money, customers and employees are happier. (For a more comprehensive view read the benefits of enterprise mobility). So where's the "but" you ask? I'm sure you have guessed that not all enterprise mobility projects follow...

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Can we assess the future of mobility from the maturation of the PC market?


When you think about it, mobile computing has been around for a while now - if you need a refresh refer to The History of Mobile Computing. Many organisations are already on, or are currently moving onto their next generation platform and applications. Of course enterprise mobility will not follow exactly the same path as other technology advances.

An interesting example is the introduction of personal computers; there are...

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Sticky not tricky: How to get stickiness in enterprise apps

In many recent technology success stories a key component is the “stickiness factor”. These super sticky websites and applications grew their user base virally and exponentially. If you haven’t caught on yet don’t worry the concept itself isn’t tricky. In this context sticky describes when users stay longer, and keep returning to use software. In the case of the web, the browser’s homepage (and to a lesser degree favourites) helps a site to be sticky. Increasingly however mobile applications with their installation process,...

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What has the IoT got to do with mobility?

There is a lot of talk and statistics around about the internet of things (IOT) and the amazing number of connected devices. But the real questions are: how can these connections be leveraged and where is the benefit? Is the internet of things another marketing buzz-word like big data or cloud?

A quick recap in case you have been living in a cave with a dial-up modem. What is IOT? Everyone seems pretty clear on what the internet is these days. However the thing (pun intended) that confuses a lot of people is what are the things? Generally speaking these things: · Capture (e.g. video, audio, temperature, heart rate, location, etc.)· Process (e.g. ETL, editing, controlling, analysis, etc.)· Store (e.g. historians, NAS, cloud, etc.)· Distribute (e.g....

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Enterprise trend 2014: Enterprising the consumer

Time to get on the bandwagon and mention a quick thought for Enterprise Mobility in 2014!Enterprising the ConsumerEveryone talks these days about the “consumerisation” of the enterprise. However, much of the technology that is now used extensively in consumer devices came...

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Enterprise mobility: How to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet

The requirements are done, the vendor is selected, and the project kicks off. Once you’ve gone through the RFP process, secured funding, and selected a solution and/or vendor for the mobile enterprise project, you’re ready to get started right?

Not quite, there’s still one more step, and that’s to get everyone on the same page.

This is easier said than done as you’ll need to involve both internal, and often external, experts covering areas such as:  

  • Business knowledge
  • Backend/existing systems
  • Network communications
  • Infrastructure/Server teams
  • Security, fraud, risk teams
  • Standard Operating...

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Why enterprise mobility is more than just hardware and software

Recently I presented at CEBIT and explained why Enterprise Mobility is more than just hardware and software. For those of you who couldn't attend here is an overview of the presentation:
Enterprise Mobility is not new, it has been around for many years in one form or another. There are plenty of early adopters out there and experienced exponents will tell you that Enterprise Mobility is more than just software and hardware. Enterprise Mobility is a journey undertaken by...

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The history of mobile computing: A timeline

Mobile computing is the culmination of a number of technological advances that have occurred in parallel. Key aspects that have led to the current explosion of mobile computing include general computing, user interface, display, communications, storage, battery, and culture. I've collected some of the key milestones into the above timeline for consideration. (You can...

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What are the main enterprise mobility challenges?

I wish I could tell you that mobilising an Enterprise was always easy. Like with most things worth doing there are challenges to success. Now I don't want to put you off mobility in any way! I did however want to group the tricks and traps into some sensible categories. Here is what I have come up with as the Challenges to Enterprise Mobility:
  • Hype
  • Justification
  • New...

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Is there a MAP to BYOD?

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Sara, Brad, and Rob at Mocana. A team with a strong security & data loss prevention (DLP) background that are now utilising their underlying technology to provide mobile application security. I had a great discussion about their Mobile App Protection product MAP. The tool looks feature rich, is easy to use, and is maybe just the 'map' you need to...

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Enterprise gamification - is it a thing?

Let me start by making my feelings clear. I hope Enterprise Gamification is a thing. I mean I work in enterprise mobility and I like games so I couldn't really think of a better combination (except maybe sushi and beer or tropical island resort and cocktails). Anyway as an experienced exponent of computer game playing, and some beta testing, along with a few flash games I made 10 years ago plus my experience with enterprise systems I feel I'm adequately positioned to briefly explain what this gamification thing could be.Drilling down let's look at the two key parts and what they do. An enterprise system typically aims to make a business more efficient and effective at achieving its goals and provide shareholder value. These systems enable business process; provide a central knowledge repository, and an audit trail. Games tend to be fun,...

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