When you least expect it: BYOD, reselling your device and your privacy

Recently Avast exposed a troubling trend which has called in to question the growing practice of many Americans reselling their smartphones. While most Americans feel that they have adequately wiped their device clean of any type of personal information before offering it up for resale on popular sites like eBay and Amazon, Avast discovered, after purchasing 20 Android phones from eBay, that these...

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Network vulnerabilities in Android (and KNOX)

Architecture is the translation of strategy or business intent. To be successful with a BYOD strategy, the solution design needs to optimize for a strong separation between the personal and professional on the same device. A recent KNOX story showcases a design that aims for protecting the device as a whole, with insufficient granularity to enforce sufficient isolation within the device. This design may fall short on delivering a successful BYOD strategy for enterprises.

Recently, security researchers at Ben Gurion University (BGU)

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BYOD success: Keys to the user experience

Citi invited Ranit Fink, co-founder of Cellrox, to talk about Cellrox’s unique technology and how it benefits both the enterprise and the BYOD user.  Ranit stressed that the successful BYOD strategy lies in achieving a great user experience while keeping the enterprise safe and illustrated some of the most important elements.

There are billions of mobile phone users all over the world who are taking their phones everywhere they...

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