Employee communications and the deskless revolution

Thanks to an ongoing paradigm shift in the way we approach work, people are spending more and more time working from a location other than their office desk. With the latest advancements in technology and communication, we can communicate with employees no matter where they are at any time.

So what does this mean for corporate communicators? How do we maintain productivity, influence company culture, and engage our employees in this deskless revolution?

This whitepaper from Sitrion assesses the landscape and gives four key ways to facilitate communications as businesses increasingly go deskless.

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Building a business case for an employee communications app

If you are putting together a communications mobile project, building a well thought-out business case to get executive and stakeholder buy-in is the most important step to your success.

This whitepaper from Sitrion examines the importance of internal communications to the strategic direction and success of your organisation, as well as providing a how-to guide to help make the business case for your employee communications app initiative.

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The most powerful ways to have an impact on employee engagement

An engaged workforce is a critical component to the success of your company. When employees are engaged and behind your vision and strategy, they are more motivated and focused on your organisation’s business goals.

This whitepaper from Sitrion looks at the best practices for increasing employee engagement, and how mobile technology can play a pivotal role in internal communications.

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Digital trust nears breaking point - so what happens from here?

After weathering a rising tide of attacks and vulnerabilities, the Cost of Failed Trust Report, from Venafi and the Ponemon Institute, argues the digital trust that underpins most of the world's economy is nearing its breaking point - and there is no replacement in sight.

One of the key threats the paper outlines is the misuse of certificates used for enterprise mobility with applications such as Wi-Fi, VPN, and EMM. Download the paper to see the full research findings, and what can be done from here.

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The CIO view of cybersecurity

As organisations layer security controls to protect their business, 90% of CIOs admit to wasting millions on inadequate cybersecurity. Why is this? This resource, from Venafi, explores the fundamental flaws in cybersecurity strategies, and how organisations can bypass the bad guys.


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Empowering mobile productivity

Today’s workers are mobile. They need to be connected to their corporate network or cloud-based applications around the clock and around the world – anytime, anywhere. But enabling basic connectivity across, smartphones, tablets, as well as 3G- and 4G-enabled laptops, can be a daunting challenge.

This resource from Pulse Secure explains how fast, easy, secure access from multiple devices can be achieved through enterprise networks and the cloud to empower mobile productivity.

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How business and IT can work more effectively through collaboration

To succeed in such a rapidly changing environment, businesses must be agile. They must respond quickly as markets, customer needs and even regulations change faster than ever before. However for many organisations the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges; chief among those being a long-standing disconnect between the business units that hold the profit and loss for product lines, and the IT departments that deliver the applications upon which the business depends.

This whitepaper from Application Development Trends and Red Hat discusses how to bring IT and business together, how collaboration can help and outlines the important questions that need answering for developers.

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Insight report: Assessing the enterprise OS landscape for CIOs and developers

The consumerisation of IT and the proliferation of BYOD – not to forget the COBO (corporate owned, business only) device market either – means that your company probably has more mobile devices than desktops and laptops. The decision for your enterprise operating system of choice, however, is an important one. With this in mind, Enterprise AppsTech presents its latest insight report, in association with Zebra Technologies, on the enterprise operating system landscape outside of iOS.

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Beyond the mobile business: Getting the best of both worlds

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of business, boosting efficiency and productivity, as well as staff morale and customer satisfaction. Yet many corporate IT teams developing mobile apps are short of time, money, and skills.

Creating a useful and useable mobile application means identifying and understanding what users need from your online service in a mobile context. This whitepaper from Globo outlines the different perspective that is required today.

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How mobile will drive internal communications success

Internal communications is a critical component to your company’s success. You need to think about the role of internal communications more strategically than ever before, to align your employees behind your vision, your strategy, and to drive daily productivity.

Mobile technology is the most direct means to reaching all your employees. This whitepaper from Sitrion shows how you can tap into all the devices in your organisation to reach every individual employee and help them be informed, productive, and to enjoy their work.

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Wearables: A new frontier for businesses

Opportunities in wearable devices are going beyond fitness to the workplace. More firms are looking to wearables as a new way to boost efficiency, increase effectiveness, and speed up operations. Yet a unique set of challenges come along when designing wearables to suit the workplace. This whitepaper from Globo assesses the key challenges and opportunities.

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The five key forces shaping the next generation of enterprise mobility

Mobile apps are creating a higher return on investment than ever before for enterprises. However, a number of challenges slow down the speed of enterprise mobile adoption.

This whitepaper from Telerik provides a detailed view of the five major factors in enterprise mobility: security; investment costs; mobilising existing data; cloud; and multi-platform mobile development.

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The five critical steps to securely manage mobile apps and devices

Mobile adoption at work is mainstream, from the casual user who wants to check business email on their mobile phone, to the field technician who is carrying a mobile tablet to the customer site. This presents both a formidable challenge and a tremendous opportunity for businesses that want to benefit from mobility.

This whitepaper from Good Technology outlines the five critical steps that will put your mobility strategy on the path to success.

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The five questions business managers need to talk to IT about faster enterprise mobility

In a business context, the mobile industry is still in its infancy. Even with the consumerisation of IT, enterprise mobility has a way to go to catch up to the robust productivity capabilities of the consumer world. So how do you get there? Do you build? Do you buy? Do you wait? If you’re looking to build enterprise apps, then be aware you’re putting more strain on your already overworked IT department. To make sure everyone gets what they want, this whitepaper outlines the five questions you need to know the answers to before you visit IT.

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Future proofing your business: UCaaS and mobility

Against the backdrop of a changing workforce that will increasingly expect to operate in mobile-first environments, the challenge for businesses today is to decide how to address these expectations. Find out how with this whitepaper from Thinking Phones.

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Insight report: The importance of rapid mobile app development in enterprise mobility

For CIOs worldwide, the pressure of ensuring employees keep up to date with technology and one step ahead with business is onerous. Increasingly, the thrust is on applications, rather than devices, to be the game changer. But as application uptake continues to soar, the time taken to develop each app needs to decrease – otherwise there will be an imbroglio between line of business and IT.

In this exclusive insight report from Enterprise AppsTech, in association with Sitrion, we examine the basics of rapid mobile app development (RMAD), how it aligns IT and business departments, and what you need to do next.

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Mobile Moments of Productivity eBook: Easy Approval Processes

It seems to be a universal truth that simple day-to-day tasks tend to be overly timeconsuming – particularly managing approvals. As a manager, you are frustrated with the time it takes to access multiple, complex applications using multiple logins that may or may not have multiple mobile apps that clutter up your mobile device. It seems like a never ending battle.

This eBook explores ways to reduce the burden of daily, inefficient approval processes in order to make faster, smarter decisions and ultimately increasing employee productivity across your organization.

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Mobile apps for the enterprise

You don’t need anyone to tell you that mobility is critical to enterprise productivity, collaboration and profitability. You realize, too, that the strategic, long-term value in mobility lies in applications. Desktop apps (like Sharepoint, LiveLink and SAP) where data resides behind the corporate firewall, have been driving business for years now, and making those apps move – literally – is where it’s at.

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Winning mobile strategies: How to build value in the enterprise

The decision to go mobile invokes many challenges. Mobile technology can be liberating, but only if you marry it to the needs of your business. With development and deployment gaining pace, this whitepaper from ShinobiControls seeks to outline the two strategies to consider when enabling mobile technology across the enterprise.

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