APIs and the enterprise: Design best practices

APIs themselves are not new - but what is new is the rise and dramatic proliferation of lightweight public APIs, and the rapid expansion of these into enterprise applications. As an architect, it is important to understand and be able to resolve the unique challenges inherent both in building composite applications and in deploying APIs for public consumption, as this whitepaper from Accenture and Red Hat explains.

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DevOps and open source: Lessons learned from early adopters

DevOps is becoming increasingly important in enterprise strategy as organisations look to it for greater cost savings and efficiency. This whitepaper from IDC and Red Hat looks at the key drivers, the technologies expected to enable DevOps in the coming two years, and lessons learned from early adopters.

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How business and IT can work more effectively through collaboration

To succeed in such a rapidly changing environment, businesses must be agile. They must respond quickly as markets, customer needs and even regulations change faster than ever before. However for many organisations the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges; chief among those being a long-standing disconnect between the business units that hold the profit and loss for product lines, and the IT departments that deliver the applications upon which the business depends.

This whitepaper from Application Development Trends and Red Hat discusses how to bring IT and business together, how collaboration can help and outlines the important questions that need answering for developers.

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Insight report: The importance of rapid mobile app development in enterprise mobility

For CIOs worldwide, the pressure of ensuring employees keep up to date with technology and one step ahead with business is onerous. Increasingly, the thrust is on applications, rather than devices, to be the game changer. But as application uptake continues to soar, the time taken to develop each app needs to decrease – otherwise there will be an imbroglio between line of business and IT.

In this exclusive insight report from Enterprise AppsTech, in association with Sitrion, we examine the basics of rapid mobile app development (RMAD), how it aligns IT and business departments, and what you need to do next.

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