A guide to securing remote access in financial services

In hacking circles, financial services organisations are a prime target – as the rewards can be substantial. This has meant IT departments in financial services have been wary of establishing remote working policies.

This whitepaper from CensorNet examines the typical examples of cyber threats facing financial services organisations, regulatory concerns, and best practices for securing remote access.

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The top five pitfalls to avoid in your data protection strategy

Done correctly, data protection is a critical differentiator for your business. Done poorly, it can be costly, waste valuable staff time, and hold the organisation back from meeting key service level agreements.

This whitepaper from Veritas outlines five critical pitfalls to avoid when building a successful data protection strategy for your organisation.

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Examining the escalating threat of DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks have evolved into sophisticated multi-vector attacks at the network and application layers that can deplete resources very quickly and generate major service outages. Any enterprise and government organisation is at risk from the escalating threat of DDoS attacks. Download the White Paper from A10 to learn:

  • The evolution of DDoS attacks: more massive, more sophisticated, more devastating
  • How volumetric attacks target bandwidth and network components
  • How application attacks have become more complex and sophisticated
  • The elements you should consider for an efficient DDoS protection solution

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Validating DDoS threat protection: Ensuring your solution works in real-world conditions

Multi-vector DDoS attacks are overwhelming traditional security solutions and as a result, existing DDoS defense strategies must be re-evaluated. New DDoS solutions require horsepower and capabilities to deal with the volume and complexity of simultaneous attacks.

Download this whitepaper, Validating DDoS Threat Protection, to learn:

  • Classification of DDoS attack types
  • An approach on how to effectively mitigate DDoS Attacks
  • The importance of Performance Validation to ensure predictable operations
  • How IXIA validated high performance by A10’s TPS DDoS mitigation solution

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Digital trust nears breaking point - so what happens from here?

After weathering a rising tide of attacks and vulnerabilities, the Cost of Failed Trust Report, from Venafi and the Ponemon Institute, argues the digital trust that underpins most of the world's economy is nearing its breaking point - and there is no replacement in sight.

One of the key threats the paper outlines is the misuse of certificates used for enterprise mobility with applications such as Wi-Fi, VPN, and EMM. Download the paper to see the full research findings, and what can be done from here.

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Why impending SHA-1 deadlines are impacting your business

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The cyber security industry, audit organisations, technical experts, browser manufacturers, Microsoft, and standards organisations
agree: SHA-1 signed certificates need to be replaced.

This resource from Venafi outlines what needs to change, why it needs to change, and what this means for your business.

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How to successfully migrate from SHA-1 to SHA-2 encryption

Leading browsers are showing security warnings for sites that use SHA-1 based certificates that expire after January 1 2017, while code signed using SHA-1 from 2016 will no longer be trusted by Microsoft on the same date.

If your organisation hasn’t already migrated both internal and external SHA-1 certificates to SHA-2, it’s time to start .

This whitepaper from Venafi outlines a comprehensive seven step migration plan to help protect your business and your brand.

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You're already compromised: Exposing SSH as an attack vector

“We are living in a world without trust.” That’s the verdict from Gartner; it may be shocking, but given the trust Secure Shell (SSH) and other secure data communication technologies provides has been poisoned so frequently, it may not be that much of a surprise.

This whitepaper from Venafi looks at SSH, the best and worst practices, and implementing strategies to mitigate attacks on SSH.

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The CIO view of cybersecurity

As organisations layer security controls to protect their business, 90% of CIOs admit to wasting millions on inadequate cybersecurity. Why is this? This resource, from Venafi, explores the fundamental flaws in cybersecurity strategies, and how organisations can bypass the bad guys.


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The five critical steps to securely manage mobile apps and devices

Mobile adoption at work is mainstream, from the casual user who wants to check business email on their mobile phone, to the field technician who is carrying a mobile tablet to the customer site. This presents both a formidable challenge and a tremendous opportunity for businesses that want to benefit from mobility.

This whitepaper from Good Technology outlines the five critical steps that will put your mobility strategy on the path to success.

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